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ARTstor: How to Unlock a Password-Protected Folder: Home

Does your instructor have a collection of images saved in a locked folder in ARTstor? Learn how to register and unlock it!

Unlock it!

ARTstor image database:
how to unlock a password-protected folder


So your instructor has a collection of images saved in a locked folder in the ARTstor database. Your instructor has given you a password to this locked folder so that you can review the images at home or in the computer lab. How do you access the locked folder? You have to register for ARTstor. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the ARTstor database.

NOTE: Off-campus access to this database is limited to currently enrolled SAC students, faculty and staff. From off-campus you will be prompted to enter a username and password.

2. Once inside ARTstor, click Browse>Image Groups to enter the ARTstor Image Group digital library.

3. Click on Register and complete the registration panel to get your user account.

4. Once you have your user account and are logged on, go to the Find menu on the toolbar and choose the Unlock password-protected folder option.

5. Enter your name and the password that your instructor provided you.

6. Click on Submit..

7. Click Find > Browse image groups to open the folder you just unlocked. If you were given the ‘read access’ password, you can see the folder and its contents. If you were given the ‘write access’ password, you can see and edit the folder and its contents.

Congratulations! You are now ready to View Image Groups using the drop-down menu on the ARTstor Welcome Page. Anytime you wish to view these images, just enter the ARTstor database and then logon to your user account within ARTstor.

These instructions are based on an ARTstor help guide. If you need more assistance, click on the Help menu within ARTstor.

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