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Library Instruction: Outcomes & Assessment: Spring 2014

Student learning outcomes for information literacy.

Spring 2014 Report

983 students were measured on 4 learning outcomes:

Outcome 1.1.c - Explores general information sources to increase familiarity with the topic

5 points = student states topic

Outcome 2.2.b - Identifies keywords, synonyms and related terms for the information needed

5 points = student states two alternate keywords for topic

3 points = student states one alternate keyword for topic

1 point = student restates initial keyword for topic

Outcome 2.2.d - Constructs a search strategy using appropriate commands for the information retrieval system selected (e.g., Boolean operators, truncation, and proximity for search engines; internal organizers such as indexes for books)

5 points = student shows correct use of AND and *

3 points = student shows correct use of AND

1 point = student shares keywords or phrases without the use of AND and *

question 3.b on form - (followup to Outcome 2.2.d, multiple choice on correct use of AND and *)

5 points = student chooses C as correct answer

Outcome 3.4.g - Selects information that provides evidence for the topic

5 points = student shares title of item relevant to their topic


The percentage of students performing Excellent, Good or Needs Improvement:

25.43% = Excellent (scored 21-25 points) - 250 students

42.42% = Good (scored 16-20 points) - 417 students

32.14% = Needs Improvement (scored 0-15 points) - 316 students

67.85% = Excellent and Good

32.14% = Needs Improvement

Spring 2014 Pie Charts: after library instruction...

91% of students Agree or Strongly Agree that they found keywords or phrases which may help them develop or write about their topics.

44% of students were able to correctly identify which keyword search would find the fewest number of search results.

90% of students Agree or Strongly Agree that they found items relevant to their topics.

95% of students Agree or Strongly Agree that they now have a better understading of where to look for academic sources on a topic and that the concepts, skill and resources they learned about will help them complete their research assignments.

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