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Quality Web Sites: Search Engines [ARCHIVED]: Topics A - D

**THIS GUIDE IS NOT BEING UPDATED** This is a basic guide to locating academic search engines and specific subject search engines on various topics.


Academic search engines can be used to locate reliable information on the Internet. The authors / editors of these search engines link to "quality" sources and actively eliminate non-academic, adult, and pornographic materials. This is a selected list of various academic search engines:

All Academic Inc.
Awesome Library
BUBL LINK - Discoveryue of Selected Internet
Digital Librarian
Google Scholar
The Gateway to 21st Century
The Infography
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Scout Reports Archives


E - G
Academy Awards Official Academy Awards Database
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AEGIS - AIDS Education Global Information System
&nbsp AIDSInfo
Acronyms Acronym Finder
Addictions AddictionSearch
&nbsp National Institute on Chemical Dependency
Adolescence Center for Adolescent & Family Studies
Advertising - History Ad*Acess: 1911-1955
Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920
Aging &nbsp see also SD Administration on Aging
AgeSource / AgeStats Worldwide
Senior Women Web
Agriculture Agriculture Network Information Center
Agriculture - Economic Aspects AgEcon Search
Airplanes, Military SR-71 Online
Alchemy Alchemy Web Site
American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology
Alternative Medicine &nbsp
see also SD
National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicine
Animals - Audiovisual Sources JungleWalk!
Annual Reports WSJ Annual Reports Service
Anthropology &nbsp see also SD Aboriginal Connections
Antiques Curioscape
Archaeology &nbsp see also SD ArchNet
Archaeology - Media &nbsp The Archaeology Channel
Architecture &nbsp
Great Buildings Online
Archives - United States &nbsp U.S. National Archives & Records Administration>
Art Artcyclopedia
dArt - The Internet Art Database
World Wide Art Resources
Art - American Archives of American Art
Art - Children's PaPa iNk!
Art - Dictionaries ArtLex Art Dictionary
Art - Greek Greek Art
Art Galleries ArtAtlas
Art Museums Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Collections Online
Art - Periodicals
Art - Terminology Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online
Artificial Intelligence AI Topics
Arts & Crafts &nbsp see also SD
&nbsp Family Crafts
Asian Studies &nbsp see also &nbsp SD Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Search Engine Associations Associations Astronomy &nbsp see also &nbsp SD Astronomical Image Library Astronomy astronomyLINKS Space Telescope Science Institute Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Optics Aviation Aeroseek &nbsp Ballet CyberDance Bankruptcy American Bankruptcy American Bartenders Baseball Index CultureBeeHoo www.beehoo.comBehavioral SciencesBeeHoo www.beehoo.comBiographies &nbsp see also &nbsp SDBiography.comwww.biography.comBiography Biografias - Spanish language biographiesbuscabiografias.comThe of &nbsp see also &nbsp SDAccess Biology Biological Fat &nbsp see also &nbsp SDAll About - Pictorial WorksAudubon's Birds of America at the University of GamesBoard Game Cancer &nbsp see also &nbsp SDBreast Cancer Cancer G. Komen for the Cure IndustryBuilding Buildings &nbsp see also &nbsp SDBEOnline - HistoryCalendars from the - Federal Election the, SummerAmerican Camping Camp Channel: Camp Search Cancer &nbsp see also &nbsp SD Guide to Internet Resources on Cancer OncologySTAT Careers CareerOneStop Ceramics Clayzee Cerebrovascular Disease American Stroke Association
Charities &nbsp Charity &nbsp National Center for Charitable Statistics Chemical Industry The Society of Chemical Industry Chemistry American Chemical Society ChemSpider Chemistry, Organic Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide Chess Chessopolis Child Welfare Child & Family News Children Ask for Kids Fact Monster KidsClick! For Kids - ipl2 For Teens - ipl2 Yahoo! Kids Children Health & Hygiene American Academy of Pediatrics &nbsp KidsHealth Children's Games Games Children Play Choral Music ChoralNet Christianity Civil Engineering iCivilEngineer Civil Rights Climatic Changes US Global Change Research Information Office Climatology RealClimate Clinical Trials Computer Aided Design CAD Digest Computer Crimes Cybercrime Computer Science CiteSeerX Computers - History Computer History Museum Conferences Conference Alerts Conservation The Green Guide &nbsp NatureServe Consumer Information Consumer Product Safety Commission First Contact Center Cookery Betty Food Network www.foodnetworkcom/ iVillage Food: Recipes RecipeSource Cookery - Fat Free FATFREE Recipe Collection Cookery - Vegetarian Vegetarian Society VegWeb Criminal Justice MegaLinks in Criminal Justice Crocheting Crochet Pattern Central Darwinism Darwin & Darwinism Debates & Debating IDEA: International Debate Education Association Diabetes - Diet Therapy Diabetic Recipes Dictionary OneLook Dictionaries Disabilities &nbsp see also &nbsp SD Disaster Relief ReliefWeb Diseases Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Dogs American Kennel Club Do-It-Yourself Work Drug Information Drug Information Portal RXList Drum Drummin' Men Dwellings - Conservation & Restoration Historic HomeWorks &nbsp Old House Journal &nbsp Old House Web &nbsp This Old House
see also &nbsp SD: &nbsp Click the SD link to locate a subject directory on your desired topic.
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