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Quality Web Sites: Search Engines [ARCHIVED]: Topics H - I

**THIS GUIDE IS NOT BEING UPDATED** This is a basic guide to locating academic search engines and specific subject search engines on various topics.


                                                                          H   -   I                                             
HappinessWorld Database of
Health Information  
see also   SD
HON: Health on the
healthfinder: a gateway to consumer
Intute: Health & Life Sciences
NOAH - New York Online Access to
Health StatisticsNational Center for Health
Hearing Impairments  
see also   SD
National Association of the
Heart Diseases   see also - American Heart
HerbsAbout Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products
Hispanic Americans  
see also   SD
Pew Hispanic Center Reports
HistoryThe History
History Link
History On-line
History - Great
Holocaust, JewishCylibrary of the
Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Holy BibleAll-In-One Biblical Resources Search
Bible Study
New American Bible -
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Historic PreservationBuilt in America
 National Register of Historic Places
 National Trust for Historic
Home AccidentsHome Safety
HomosexualityInternational Lesbian and Gay Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Horses -
HospitalsAmerican Hospital
Hotels / MotelsAccommodation Search Engine
Household Supplies - ToxicologyHousehold Products Database
Housing DevelopmentHUD User
Human Rights   see also   SDAmnesty International
Human & Constitutional Rights Resource
Human Rights Index for the Arab
Human Rights Watch
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Voice of the
HungerFeeding America
ImmigrationCenter for Immigration
Individual Retirement AccountsIRA Online Resource,, id=137320, 00.html
Information ScienceCiteSeerX
Intellectual Property Center for Intellectual
Intellectual Property Law Server
Internet - Social AspectsPew Internet and American Life
see also   SD:   Click the SD link to locate a subject directory on your desired topic.
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