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Free web sites on the paranormal, parapsychology, ufos, ghosts, and cryptozoology.


  •                                                             Ghost
  • American Hauntings
    American Ghost Society, hosted by author Troy Taylor. America's top ten haunted places; how to hunt ghosts; ghost photos; ghost tours.

  • Famous Psychics in History
    Some on this list are psychics; some are mediums; some are alive; some are (still) dead.

  • Famous Psychics of the Past
    These five psychics were healers and prophets rather than mediums. But they wanted to be on this site, so there ya go.

  • Famous Spiritualists
    Simple list of people who believed in spiritualism, as well as a list of Other Famous Spiritualists. No links, unfortunately, but a starting place. Some of the 'Others' were surprising to me, such as Hippocrates and Imhotep.

  • Ghost Haunts
    Comprehensive site of ghosts, haunted dolls, shadow people, haunted places, inns, cemeteries, plus local legends, fiction, videos, pictures, plus burial customs. Whew! Links offers Paranormal and Ghost Groups and a directory of other chilling things.

  • Ghost Web
    International Ghost Hunters Society homepage, plus the Ghost Hunters Gallery with over 4,000 ghost photos.

    Offers ghost photos, ghost videos, stories, ghost cams. Hosted by Jim Eaton since 1999.

  • Ghosts and Ghouls
    Includes true ghost experiences, Hauntings by State, and Map of Haunted Places. Also Real Ghost Stories by occupation, such as nurses, firefighters, and truckers.

  • Haunted Places Directory
    True life experiences; haunted inns and restaurants; authored by Dennis William Hauck.

  • Haunted Railroad Crossing
    San Antonio's most famous ghost story, which probably never happened. Oh well. Cool ghost photo, though!

  • Lily Dale
    Subtitled 'where mediums, healers and spiritualists summer.' Lily Dale, New York, was established by Spiritualists in the 1870s. People from all over the world flock here in order to connect with the departed through registered mediums. It is only open in summer, although a few hardy Spiritualists live there year around. The Lily Dale Assembly has an official site, but it is offline--probably waiting until summer to load.

  • Mostly Ghosts
    Real ghosts, hauntings and paranormal phenomena, according to this site. Here is what I can tell you about living with ghosts, as many of the people on this site found out: ghosts don't like renovations in 'their' house. When you move into a new home, have it blessed by a holy person, or have a sage ceremony performed. Sometimes spirits predate the house. Let's all try and get along, and if you can't, then move. When you die, move along, don't haunt your house!

  • Mysterious Britain & Ireland: Hauntings
    From Mysterious Britain comes all types of ghosts, including Jacobites, Black Dogs, and Screaming Skulls.

  • National Spiritualist Association of Churches
    Tries to combine US spiritualist into one general association. Defines spiritualism, its principles, objects, and evidence. Plus FAQs! See also Lily Dale Assembly.

  • Spiritualist Mediums
    Divided into Spiritualist Mediums in the UK, and Historical Mediums. Historical Mediums includes a list of famous mediums from history with biographical sketches and portraits, where possible. Helen Duncan, for example, although born in 1897, was one of the last mediums to be convicted under England's Witchcraft Act of 1735.

  • Texas Paranormal Societies
    List of Society Name, City, and Website.

  • True Ghost Stories
    Nice descriptions of types of hauntings and paranormal investigation techniques, with sections on Popular Paranormal Articles and Stories, Popular Pages, Ghost Stories, and Ghost Pictures. A private word of warning: throw away the ouija boards; don't believe me? See Talking to a Friend in Hell.

  • World's Most Haunted Places
    Descriptions of hauntings at the Borley Rectory, Tower of London, Queen Mary, and others. Links to Earth Mysteries, Dowsing, Out of Body Experiences, and other paranormal activity.

  • Folklore, Fairy Tales, Mythology, & Customs
    For more about Halloween, be sure and check out my LibGuide under the section for Folklore & Urban Legends/Holidays.

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