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Free web sites on Philosophy

How many philosophers ... humor!

  • The Philosophers' Cocoon
    Marcus Arvan gallantly includes 'how many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb?' jokes in his forum for early-career philosophers.

  • The Philosophical Lexicon
    Sometimes rude, many times sarcastic, philosophers have contributed to various definitions describing their field. An example: hume, pron. (1) Indefinite personal and relative pronoun, presupposing no referent. Useful esp. in writing solipsistic treatises, sc. "to hume it may concern." v. (2) To commit to the flames, bury, or otherwise destroy a philosophical position, as in "That theory was humed in the 1920s." Hence, exhume, v. to revive a position generally believed to humed.

  • Causes of Death of Philosophers
    Many, many bad puns. Philosophical question: do good puns exist?

  • Philosophical Humor
    Cartoons and humor, such as the recipe for Nietzsche’s Angel Food Cake.

  • The 10 Nerdiest Jokes of All Times
    Claims philosophers are hilarious and here are the 10 one-liners ideal for dominating parties.

  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
    Philosophers answer this important question.


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