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Free web sites on religion, sacred texts, cults, saints

Saints & Miscellaneous Sites

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Curse of the Evil Eye
    Massimo Polidoro gives the Skeptical Inquirer take.

  • If Jesus Had a Facebook Page
    No sacrilege intended!

  • Jokes & Stories: Culture & Religion
    Created by Wesley Wildman, these jokes cover Catholics, Jews, Arabs, Martha Stewart, and Presidential Bumper Stickers, plus a lot more jokes. If you don't have a sense of humor, especially about religion, please skip this site!

  • The 6 Most Strangely Convincing Real-Life Curses
    I don't believe in curses. Or superstition. Knock on wood.

  • Saints:                                                                                                                               

  • The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    The Roman Catholic Foundation Marypages presents apparitions from Guadalupe in 1531 to Syracuse in 1953, describing the event and offering some really beautiful illustrations.

  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives
    Includes Saints' Lives; Non-Christian Biography; Apostolic Era Saints; Early Christian Martyrs; Syriac, Coptic and Other Oriental; Military Martyrs; Early Monks; Patristic Era Saints; Byzantine Saints; Celtic Saints; and Post Medieval Saints.

  • Muslim Saints and Mystics
    Full text of the book by Tazkira Tul Awliya Fariduddin Attar, translated by A.J. Arberry.

  • Saint of the Day
    From the American Catholic, this gives a brief biography, plus if the Saint is a patron of anything. Also lists non-Saint of the Day by Name, by Date, plus Patron Saints.

  • Saints
    From the site: "Who’s the patron of your state (political or spiritual)? Condition (physical or spiritual)? Vocation (monetary or spiritual)? Hobby? Maybe you can find out here. This site has information on topics with patron saints, and profiles of those saints. Profiles have portraits, biographical information, areas of patronage, prayers, links to related sites, readings, etc."

  • Saints & Angels
    Catholic Online gives you several choices for finding your Saint or Angel: Browse Saints by Alphabet; Saint Feast Days by Month; Browse Patron Saints by Alphabet and by Category; Popular Saints; Saint of the Day; Female Saints; Saint Calendar by Month; Browse Saint Medals; Saint Fun Facts; and Christian Saints & Heroes.

  • Saints & Spiritual Masters
    A Hindu website by Jayaram V. An alphabetical, biographical list.

  • Who Was the Worst Catholic Saint?
    No saints are actually libeled here, although it does include some non-existent ones.

  • Women Buddhas: A Short List of Female Saints, Teachers, & Practitioners in Tibetan Buddhism
    The title says it all!

  • Angels:

  • Angel Encounters - True Stories
    Created by Stephen Wagner, Paranormal Phenomena Expert, "People from all over the world have reported encounters with mysterious beings that appear bringing important messages or lending much-needed assistance, then vanishing without a trace. Could they be angels? Guardian angels? Read these stories and decide for yourself."

  • Angel Focus: Archangels
    From the site: "All Archangels end with the "el" suffix. "El" meaning "in God" and the first half of the name meaning what each individual Angel specializes in. Archangels are able to be in many places at one time. You never have to feel that your "problem" isn't important enough to bother them with. That is what they're there for, to help you grow. The most popular Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel who are depicted in the Christian Bible. There is a debate as to the name of the other Archangels. In the eighth century, the Christian Church became alarmed at the rampant adoration of Angels by the Christian community. For some unknown reason, in 745 A.D. under Pope Zachary, a Roman council ordered seven Angels removed from the ranks of the Church’s recognized Angels, two of them being Archangels Uriel and Raguel." Um. Better rethink asking Uriel for help.

  • The Nine Choirs of Angels
    From Catholic Online, bet you can't name them all! I couldn't either.

  • What Are Seraphim? Are Seraphs Angels?
    Answers these and your other angel questions. Totally refutes the angel problems of the tv show, Supernatural!

  • Devils & Demons:

  • Demonology: List of Demon Names, Devils, & Evil Spirits
    Some of the names have portraits and explanatory sketches. From DeliriumsRealm, devoted to the study of good & evil in society.

  • Demons, Dybbuks, Ghosts, & Golems
    Jay Michaelson describes the Jewish take, with a link to "How to Make a Golem"

  • Names of Devil
    This Mormon site by Rachel Bruner lists over 40 names and epitaphs of the devil, according to their Bible.

  • If you like this site, you might want to check out my other two sites, Paranormal, and Folklore.

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