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Library Policies & Procedures: Computer Use

Policies and procedures governing the SAC Library.

Computer Monitoring

The Library respects the privacy of patrons as dictated in the Texas Open Records Act; therefore, we do not inspect or monitor computers in the Library except during normal system management or maintenance. However, be aware that when you use one of the computers within the Library or when you are off-campus from any computer connected to the Internet, records of your computer use are automatically created. Such use constitutes consent to the use of these records. If records are lawfully demanded then they will be disclosed to appropriate authorities. If violations of the Alamo Community College District's (a.k.a. Alamo Colleges) are found, then records may be disclosed as appropriate.

See the following Alamo Community College District policies and procedures regarding appropriate use of information technology resources and the consequences of inappropriate use:

Computer Use

San Antonio College encourages research and educational uses of computer and networked resources and supports access to them unless restricted by law, institutional, or Alamo Community College District policy. The College is committed to making its computer network and operating systems accessible to as many authorized and legitimate users as possible. In addition, the College has the fiscal responsibility of securing its computer resources against unauthorized access and/or abuse. To further its mission of "helping students reach their full potential by developing their academic competencies," San Antonio College has established the following computer resources use guidelines:

  1. Access to the library computers is a privilege extended to students, staff, and faculty at San Antonio College. 
  2. In view of its educational mission, San Antonio College students, staff, and faculty have priority over other users.
  3. Computer resources are restricted to academic research and instructional purposes only. They are not to be used for leisure or recreational purposes.
  4. San Antonio College is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information found on the Internet.
  5. Use of computer resources must not violate Alamo Community College District or San Antonio College policies or procedures, the San Antonio College Student Code of Conduct, federal, or state law.
  6. The unauthorized use or duplication of copyrighted software/materials is subject to prosecution.

General user rules can be summarized as:

  1. Do not change any computer settings.
  2. Do not use personal software on campus computer equipment.
  3. Do not use more than one computer workstation at the same time.
  4. Do not reboot or turn computers off.
  5. Do not play computer games.
  6. Copying computer programs to and from San Antonio College hard disks is not allowed.

Users who violate computer resources use policies and guidelines may be subject to one or more of these disciplinary actions as defined in the Student Code of Conduct (Sec. XIII Authorized Disciplinary Penalties):

  • Admonition
  • Warning Probation
  • Disciplinary Probation
  • Suspension of Privileges to all San Antonio College computer resources
  • Restitution (for physical damage and reprogramming costs when appropriate)
  • Suspension from the College
  • Expulsion (permanent severance from the College and/or the District)
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