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  • Bizarre Inventions
    Subtitled "15 Times Folks Got Way too Creative with Their Patent Ideas." Okay, I can see 'leaf gathering trousers' if you don't need to actually walk while wearing them. And the Toy-Dog Vacuum Cleaner is just waiting for Roomba--of course, it would have to the Toy-Cat Vacuum Cleaner, let's be serious.

  • Famous Inventions
    From Totally History inventions range from Prehistory (Fire), Ancient History (Alphabet), Middle Ages (Eyeglasses), Early Modern Period (Flush Toilet), Industrial Revolution (Vaccines), and the 20th Century (Band Aid).

  • Famous Inventions: A to Z
    Inventors Expert, Mary Bellis, lists facts about everything from adhesive cellophane tape to zippers.

  • 30 Weird and Awesome Inventions
    They ain't kidding! The Foot Powered Bike? Doesn't that mean 'Walking'? But I can thoroughly see the Piano Doorbell catching on.

  • Timeline of United States Inventions
    Inventions before 1890, 1890-1945, 1946-1991, after 1991. Examples: 1717 Swim Fins (Benjamin Franklin); 1776 Swivel Chair (Thomas Jefferson); 1861 Jelly Bean (William Schrafft); 1879 Cash Register (James Ritty)

  • Top 10 American Inventions
    Frankly, I was surprised by some of these inventions. They're great, but top 10? Then, I found it: Post-It Note, with glue invented by San Antonio native, Spencer Silver. Now, THAT's a top 10 invention!

  • 12 Badass American Inventions That Changed History
    Most of these are extremely serious--except the Roomba. It is powered by the same system as a land-mine destruction robot, but it also allows a Cat Shark to ride it, as seen in the video.

  • 20 American Inventions That Changed the World
    From Chocolate Chip Cookies (#19) to ... no, see the rest for yourself.

  • Weird Inventions
    Who wouldn't want the Cheese Ball Machine Gun? That's not weird! An neither is the Mind-Controlled Cat Ears.

  • What Are the 10 Greatest Inventions of Our Time?
    Scientific American presents the results of a poll--from 1913!


  • Patents and Trademarks
    The United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) covers patents, trademarks, IP (Intellectual Property) Law & Policy, FAQs, and guides for Inventors. Be very careful who you pick to help with your patent; there are tons of fraudulent sites out there.

  • Famous Logos
    Includes Airlines and Aviation, Beverage and Drink, Automotive, Film Studios, Fashion, Restaurants, Government Agencies, Industries, Technology, and Music, among others.

  • 15 Truly Bizarre Patents
    As you might guess, most of these are sDiscoveryical, but there is something sweet about #7, the Banana Protection Device.

  • 9 Bizarre Patents That Prove the Past Was a Nightmare
    Wonderful list and pictures compiled by Arianna Rebolini. The Creeping Doll is pretty creepy, but the #5 device is an Airtight Coffin, which completely destroys the efficacy of the #1 device, the Device for Indicating Life in Buried Persons.

  • Patents
    WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization covers worldwide patent issues.

  • Trademark History Timeline
    Created by Nancy V. Green for an exhibit at the McKinney Engineering Library, the University of Texas Libraries.

  • Tabberone's Trademark & Copyright Abusers' Hall of Shame
    A somewhat bitter couple describes illegal actions. They are not lawyers but offer their opinions after extensive legal battles. An interesting and disturbing site.

  • The 10 Most Valuable Trademarks
    Sean Stonefield lists a gallery that Forbes considers the most valuable. Literally valuable--listing each company's value.

  • 13 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages
    No, the hidden messages aren't subliminal instructions--they are very clever ways to emphasize the various companies' missions.

  • What Does a Patent Engineer Earn and Do?
    From the site: A patent engineer provides specific technical expertise to patent attorneys. In the US, a patent engineer may also be a Patent Agent. As a patent engineer you evaluate patent portfolios, you help in patent landscaping, and you may manage patent cases (where you interact with patent attorneys.)



  • Alexander Graham Bell
    A thorough biography. From the site: Remarkably, he only worked on his invention because he misunderstood a technical work he had read in German. His misunderstanding ultimately led to his discovery of how speech could be transmitted electrically.

  • Alexander Graham Bell
    Scottish-born American inventory of the telphone, plus 8 other patents. At this site, you can hear the first verbal messages to travel by wire and through the air.

  • Eli Whitney
    American inventory and manufacturer. As the site reminds us: best remembered as the inventor of the cotton gin but most important for developing the concept of mass production of interchangeable parts.

  • Famous Women Inventors
    Some of the inventors: Dr. Grace Murray Hopper (COBOL computer language); Bette Nesmith Graham (Liquid Paper)--a Texas inventor who sold her company six months before her death and well before typewriters became almost obsolete, who was also mother to Mike Nesmith of Monkees fame; and Hedy Lamarr (Spread Spectrum Technology, the backbone of cell phones, fax machines, and wireless operations). Each entry has a little biographical background and and explanation of the invention.

  • 40 Famous Inventors
    From Archimedes (287 BCE-approximately 212 BCE) to Steve Jobs (1955-2011). Only one woman listed, unfortunately: Marie Curie (1867-1934).

  • George Washington Carver
    An awesome inventor and human being, Carver worked as an agricultural chemist, discovering 300 uses for peanuts, and hundreds more for soybeans, pecans, and sweet potatoes. Born to slaves, he struggled for college entrance, finally gaining acceptance at Simpson College in Iowa, where he was their first black student. He later worked for Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee from 1897 to 1943. He didn't patent or profit from most of his products, but changed the South from a one crop land of cotton to multi-crop farmlands.

  • Great African-American Women Inventors
    Lists 10 inventors and their brilliant inventions.

  • Herman Hollerith Facts
    Herman Hollerith (1860-1929) was the inventor of the punched card tabulating machine-the precursor of the modern computer-and one of the founders of modern information processing. His machine was used to gather information for the 1890 census more efficiently. Hollerith's company later became part of International Business Machines (IBM).

  • Johannes Gutenberg
    A German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher, who invented the first printing press, allowing affordable books and literature to the world.

  • Lego History Timeline
    You didn't think LEGOs invented themselves, did you? No, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, master carpenter and joiner, in his small Danish carpenter's workshop, began producing toys around 1932.

  • Leonardo da Vinci Inventions
    15th century inventions weren't easy, mainly because Leonardo envisioned ideas long before the technology was available. The helicopter, parachute, armored car, triple barrel canon, self-propelled cart (hello autonomous vehicles!), scuba gear, and revolving bridge are among his ideas. He even thought of a robotic knight--which served as an inspiration for NASA robots.

  • List of Inventors
    Examples: Mary Anderson (windshield wiper blade); Edward Beard Budding (lawnmower); Douglas Engelbart (computer mouse); C. W. Fuller (Gilhoolie); René Laennec (stethoscope); John Landis Mason (Mason jars); John Pemberton (Coca-Cola); Sidney Rosenthal (Magic Marker); Joseph Shivers (spandex); Theophilus Van Kannel (revolving door); and Gunpei Yokoi (Game Boy). Each entry gives birth and death dates, country of origin, invention, and links to both inventor and invention.

  • Madam C.J. Walker
    Not only did Madam Walker overcome adversity, she virtually created hair care products and was the first self made African American business woman to become a millionaire.

  • Nikola Tesla
    Serbian-American inventor and engineer, Tesla invented the Tesla coil, still used in radio technology today. His mother also invented small household appliances.

  • Thomas Alva Edison
    Edison's homepage includes a biography by Gerald Beals, his technology and inventions, a gallery of portraits, and his quotations.

  • Tim Berners-Lee
    Yeah, I never heard of this guy, either. He invented the World Wide Web in 1989! According to Wikipedia, he admitted the double slashes in a web address were unnecessary, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Top 10 Ben Franklin Inventions
    According to this site, "Most people in colonial Pennsylvania were content to do their reading in a simple wooden chair. Ben Franklin, on the other hand, insisted on kicking back in a reading chair fitted with a foot-powered fan. If he needed to grab another book from a high shelf, he simply flipped up the seat of his specially engineered library chair, transforming it into a small step ladder. To check the time, he glanced at a bizarre one-handed clock of his own design that only used three gears to keep time. Franklin was clearly a man who never stopped inventing."

  • The Woman Behind the Dolls
    Madame Alexander launched her iconic doll company 90 years ago—decades before Barbie was born. A fun biography by Marjorie Ingall.

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