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Psychology 2306 Human Sexuality -- Borawski, Suzana -- Spring 2017: Home

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Welcome Psychology 2306 Students!

For the final step of your research assignment, you will be summarizing the key points of your article and discussing what you learned. Your assignment should be arranged in the following manner:

Write a summary of your scholarly research article using New Times Roman in 12 font.  Be sure to include the following in your summary (*Paraphrase as much as possible (95%) rather than using direct quotes.).  Your summary will consist of 4 paragraphs with the reference article listed in full (APA style) at the bottom:

                                                     Subject of your article

            The first paragraph will describe the topic being studied and include a summary of the previous research conducted on the topic (literature review, which is the first section of the research article). You also need to also include the author’s rational/purpose for conducting the research study. And finally, the authors’ hypothesis or research question needs to be included.

            The second paragraph will explain the methodology of the research.  A description of the population sample, data collection procedure, etc. 

            The third paragraph will contain information regarding the findings of the research. What did the researcher(s) find in the analysis of the data? What variables were found to be statistically significant, or not statistically significant? Was the hypothesis supported?

            The fourth paragraph will be a summary of the study.  You will also need to discuss the implications of the research and include the author’s suggestions for further study.    How can the findings be applied to real-life situations? Finally, you will discuss what you learned from the research.



Jun, K. (2016). Neural Basis of Brain Dysfunction Produced by Early Sleep Problems.

           Brain Sciences, 6(1), 1-11. doi:10.3390/brainsci6010005


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