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Chemical Elements and Molecules

  • Acronyms & Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds enter the acronym (initials from the name) and retrieve the full name and chemical formula of the compound.
  • Biological Macromolecule Crystallization Database from NASA; designed as a tool to assist x-ray crystallographers.
  • ChemFinder.Com a portal to free and fee-based databases. Free databases available are: ChemFinder (chemical structure & physical properties), Chem ACX (chemical supply Discoverys, structure search, online store), and Organic Synthesis (procedures & reactions, CAS number, structure, molecular formula).
  • Molecular Monte Carlo - Information resource for those who use "random walks" to simulate and analyze molecular systems.
  • Molecular Weight Calculation enter the chemical formula and get the molecular weight.
  • Molecule of the Month link to new molecule is added monthly. Information about the molecule may include: structure, formula, CAS number, history, synthesis, uses.
  • NIST Chemistry WebBook search this database by common name, formula, etc. for information on chemical elements and molecules.
  • X-Ray Properties via a periodic table.

Constants and Units of Measurement

  • NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty background information for nonexperts on Fundamental Physical Constants and a database of physical constants searchable by name; also organized into categories such as universal, electromagnetic, atomic & nuclear, physico-chemical, and frequently used. Includes information on the International System of Units (metric system), and the Uncertainity of Measurement.
  • NIST Standard Reference Data - Online Databases - Critically evaluated data including properties, dielectric constants, equation of state, fluids, heat capacity, hydrocarbons, LNG; mixtures, natural gas, petrochemical, phase equilibria, thermal conductivity, thermodynamics, thermophysics, transport property, viscosity.
  • Conversion of Units for units used by chemists. Includes conversion of temperatures between the standard units of measurement.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Periodic Tables

  • Chemical interactive periodic table.
  • Chemicool Periodic Table another periodic table of the elements.
  • Periodic Table from the Chemistry Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Periodic Table of Videos includes information on all 118 elements arranged in the format of the periodic table. Click on an element to view information about it and to view the video on that element. Some of the elements include demonstrations with explosions that could not be done safely in a normal classroom setting.
  • WebElements periodic table (from University of Sheffield). Winner of many awards; perhaps the best on the WWW.

Guides to Web Resources

  • from the American Chemical Society. News items involving chemists or chemistry and features for professional chemists and ACS members. Includes a special section for educators and student.
  • ChemDex from the University of Sheffield. A searchable directory of chemistry resources on the WWW organized into categories. Information on jobs, people, and more.
  • chemsoc from the Royal Society of Chemistry and around 30 national chemical societies. Information on careers in chemistry, chemistry education, study resources for chemistry students, links and an animated periodic table of the elements.
  • many of the resources are free, but access is restricted to registered users.
  • the WWW's Virtual Library: Links for Chemists from the University of Liverpool. An index of over 8,000 links to chemical resources on the WWW.
  • Yahoo! Chemistry organized by category and alphabetically by WWW page titles.

Buyer's Guides

  • ChemStore.Com - chemicals, supplies & software.
  • Fisher Scientific includes information on laboratory appratus, glassware, and MSDS.
  • scientific products, information, and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research organizations.
  • Sigma-Aldrich equipment and supplies for the life science, biochemicals, organic and inorganic, analytical science, and chromatography.

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