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Sea surface temperature in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

**NOAA El Nino portal**

It's a wild, wild ride!

Drought reveals hidden settlement in California

California's Drought Seen At Folsom Lake

Visitors leave via a boat ramp after looking over remains of the old Gold Rush settlement of Mormon Island which has resurfaced due to the historic low water levels of Folsom Lake, in Folsom, California, on January 19, 2014. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state wide drought last Friday.

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Hola Professor Girhard and eager Geography 1301 students

Our three goals today are to:


1.  Find at least three (6) excellent sources for your upcoming twelve (12) page paper.

2,  Stretch our knowlege of library research and reduce our "research anxiety".

3.  Learn about databases and search techniques that will help in other classes.

4.  Have fun along the way.




Your Research Paper

El Nino Exercise: An aspect of Physical Geography includes Earth's weather and climate. For weather this includes atmospheric moisture, wind, temperature and barometric pressure. The elements of climate include solar radiation and its spatial distribution, land and water contrasts, prevailing wind and pressure regions, ocean currents, topographic and altitudinal contrasts.

One particular phenomenon encompasses most of these elements. El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a coupled oceanic-atmospheric interaction centered in the tropical Pacific Ocean which influences and distorts global weather and climate on an interannual basis (roughly every 2-7 years; the last one (2015-16) just concluded and it has been 6 years since the previous one in 2009-10.

Your assignment is to write at minimum a 12 page paper (no more than 20) which discusses the mechanics of the phenomenon (relatively non-technical; don't freak out) and its impacts on global weather patterns.  

In New Mexico, water levels in the once-mightly Rio Grande are so low that it is often referred to as the "Rio Sand."

Californians view of USA


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