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English 1301 - Hudson, Maike: Oral Group Presentation of Literary Character or U.S. President

Literary Character or U.S. President - Group Presentation

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Profile a literary character or U. S. President who was inaugurated before the year 1900. 

Include the following aspects: 

  • setting/historical background
  • biography
  • achievements
  • controversies (for the literary character, within the story and/or audience reception?)
  • impact on today's society

The presentation should be 20 minutes long and include a visual aid that can be projected onto the screen. 

Use at least 5 reputable sources and compile a MLA compliant Works Cited list.


WHO:   biography

WHAT:  achievements & controversies - (for the literary character, within the story and/or audience reception?)

WHEN & WHERE:  setting/historical background

WHY:  why is this character/president important, effective, meaningful, or memorable

HOW:  impact on today's society

William McKinley (Republican) 1897–1901

Grover Cleveland (Democrat) 1893–1897

Benjamin Harrison (Republican) 1889–1893

Grover Cleveland (Democrat) 1885–1889

Chester Arthur (Republican) 1881–1885

James Garfield (Republican) 1881

Rutherford Hayes (Republican) 1877–1881

Ulysses S Grant (Republican) 1869–1877

Andrew Johnson (Republican) 1865–1869

Abraham Lincoln (Republican) 1861–1865

James Buchanan (Democrat) 1857–1861

Franklin Pierce (Democrat) 1853–1857

Millard Fillmore (Whig) 1850–1853

Zachary Taylor (Whig) 1849–1850

James Polk (Democrat) 1845–1849

John Tyler (Whig) 1841–1845

William Harrison (Whig) 1841

Martin Van Buren (Democrat) 1837–1841

Andrew Jackson (Democrat) 1829–1837

John Quincy Adams (Democrat - Republican) 1825–1829

James Monroe (Democrat - Republican) 1817–1825

James Madison (Democrat - Republican) 1809–1817

Thomas Jefferson (Democrat - Republican) 1801–1809

John Adams (Federalist) 1797–1801


Jane Eyre

Elizabeth Bennet

Huckleberry Finn

Josephine March

Sherlock Holmes

Hester Prynne

Oliver Twist

Count Dracula

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Jean Valjean


Captain Ahab

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