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English 2328 - Coleman, Laurie (online): Research Tools

Find literary criticism and explore literary theories.

Your Research Toolbox

Literary criticism can provide IN-DEPTH overviews, background information, and help you identify themes. Just type in the title of your work and the author's last name to search in these tools.

Literary theory can help you understand how other writers analyze works and can help you analyze and write about works, too.

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How Keyword Searching Works

Databases are only smart enough to play the matching game with your keywords!

Me: Match ONE keyword for me!

Research Tool: Here are items that contain that ONE keyword:



Me: Match TWO keywords for me!

Research Tool: Here are items that contain BOTH of those keywords:

Me: Match THREE keywords for me!

Research Tool: Here are items that contain ALL THREE keywords:

Me: Match THREE keywords for me and find alternate endings for "art" and "paint"!

Research Tool: Here are items that contain ALL THREE keywords with alternate endings on "art" and "paint":

Google plays the matching game, too! (more or less)


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Rule of Thumb - use AND to narrow

1. Search for ONE keyword or phrase.

2. Did you get over 100 hits?

3. Add another keyword with AND:

internet and addiction

internet and addiction and students

internet and addiction and teenagers

BONUS TIP: truncation * to expand

Don't miss out on great search results!
Pick up alternate keyword endings with TRUNCATION:
internet AND addict*
The * finds:
Truncation is like Billy Idol. You'll find...
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