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Topic: Germ Warfare on the Colonial Frontier / Justification for War: Home

Resources and search tips on locating information on various learning issues related to your team-based learning assignment.

Germ Warfare

The Indians giving a talk to Colonel Bouquet in a conference at a council fire, near his camp on the banks of Muskingum in North America in Oct. 1764

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Hey! This LibGuide will help you through the process of research for your project. Feel free to contact me if you need help at any time.

1. Define Topic: What do you know? Verify with Background Info.

2. Devise Strategy: What do you want to find out? List keywords.

3. Search Sources: Look at Books, Articles, web sites, etc.


EVALUATE what you're doing: Change your keywords/database; Are you finding appropriate items?

Team Based Learning Assignment

 Biological warfare is a "slippery topic," but the topic is not one of recent origin. Rules of warfare (today termed "rule of engagement" (ROE) date from the sixteenth century. With a continent at stake did the British use smallpox as a weapon against native Americans and their colonial allies? The story of the role that smallpox played in eighteenth-century warfare is complex and controversial. Did Gen. Jeffery Amherst order subordinates at Fort Pitt in 1763 to infect local Indians with smallpox?


1) Participate in the identification of learning issues and resources in class, see the case link for presentation of problem, learning issue grid, and assignment description. Complete the scheduled follow-up discussion by submitting your answers, and your response to the above questions assigned your learning group (use the BbV Discussion Board Germ Warfare team forum to exchange information). 

2) There are two parts to your evaluation for your unit 1 Topic Analysis/TBL grade:

  • Team Grade (50 %): Develop a PowerPoint© (PP) presentation that explores aspects of the TBL case and resolution. Include a list of resources based. All PP presentations are delivered by each team, in-class, on the assigned date (see course calendar). Teams plan and develop their PP using the discussion forum. When complete each is attached to a post in the forum for ease of in-class access. Your team grade is determined by instructor and peer evaluation (each student completes an evaluation form).
  • Individual PBL Report (50 %): in the BbV assignment box, upload a written report (3-4 pages). First summarize your team analysis, your learning issues, and your individual response to assigned questions as posted on the Discussion Board. Include your team and individual resource list as well as answers to questions 4, 5 & 6 of Analyzing Journal Articles (page 87) and a one paragraph summary of "The Rest of the Story" page 87-88 as a Word document). See the check list.
  • CAUTION: If you do not use Microsoft Word, then save your file in rich text format (rtf) prior to uploading - I will convert to Word and return your graded report, with comments, for you to download and review.

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