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"By nature men are nearly all alike;   by practice they get to be wide apart"
Confucius,   Analects,   c. 500 B.C.



Social Work


  • Social Work Careers Quiz
    Are you considering a career in Social Work? Here is a quick on-line quiz to find out if this career suits you. It's only true-false and there are no grades. Try it!


  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - Social Workers
    The handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the number one site for up-to-date information on the nature of the work, educational training, salaries, job outlook and more.


  • World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers
    This mission of this site is to help social workers obtain the WWW based information they need. Authored by the Ehrenkranz School of Social Work at NYU and the Mount Sinai-NYU Medical Center, it provides links to high quality sources.


  • Social Work Search
    A directory of quality social work related links.


  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
    With more than 150,000 members, NASW is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world. Its Code of Ethics serves as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of social workers.






    This user-friendly site is an excellent starting point for anyone looking for information and resources on disabilities. The main page provides a list of hot topics ranging from currently available resources to assisting with the transition from military to civilian life. Major categories include: Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Technology, and Transportation.


  • Feminist Theory
    The web site offers English, Spanish, and French sections. The English part, divided into feminist fields, ethnic and national feminisms, and biographies of individual feminists, is by far the most complete. Material on ethnic and national feminism is broken down first by continent, then by individual country.


  • H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences Online
    H-Net enables scholars, teachers, and advanced students to form electronic communities in which they may easily communicate their scholarly and professional interests. Maintained by Michigan State University, it also includes peer reviewed essays and multimedia materials.


  • Sociology Timeline from 1600
    This is a terrific timeline of sociology's pioneers and major authors along with the title and date
    of publication for important works.


  • Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG)
    SOSIG is the Web's definite reference for researching any subject in society. Sociological Subjects and Sociologists are excellent places to start a research paper. International in scope, the site is maintained by the University of Amsterdam.


  • Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
    Sociological commentary, data analyses and web sites created for undergraduate courses
    taught at Trinity University of San Antonio, Texas. Professor Michael Kearl's site has earned
    some 30 awards from various web rating publications and services. He is the chair of the
    Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Trinity.


  • Sociology Mega Sites by Allyn & Bacon
    Publisher provides a kaleidoscope of high quality sociology sites.


  • World Public Opinion
    This easy to use site provides unique access to results of public opinion polls taken around the world. Polls are conducted by authoritative organizations including the Pew Research Center, Gallup, Harris, and the BBC. Each article summarizes poll results and often includes graphs and links to the original questionnaire, methodology, and full report of the poll.


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