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Sociology 1301 - Algeo, John: Journal Article Assignment: Home

Find a study of interest to you in a sociology journal and prepare a brief report on that study.


Please note: This LibGuide has not been updated in a while!

If you're a student or instructor using this LibGuide for research, send me a quick email to let me know. I'll be happy to update sources and search tips for you and your assignment.

Ye Olde Card Discovery

Remember this old dinosaur? You could search it 3 ways: Author, Title, SUBJECT.

Look for Subject headings in item descriptions & cut your searching time in half!

How-To Videos

Take a quick look at these short screencasts. They'll show you exactly how to search! Each video is between 2-3 minutes in length and will open in a separate window or tab. Enjoy!


Welcome, John Algeo and students! I've prepared this LibGuide to help you complete your assignment. Information about off-campus access to Library databases is included, along with how-to videos, and other helpful links.

Assignment - find a journal article!

Find a study in one of the journals linked below. 

Prepare a brief report as follows: 

  • Title of Article
  • Author(s)
  • Source (journal, volume, number, month, year) 
  • Briefly summarize what the study was attempting to learn. 
  • What was (were) the method(s) of research used to conduct the study? 
  • What were the findings? 
  • What is your opinion? Did you note any weaknesses about the study? 

Preparation: the report should be no more than two pages. It may be typed or handwritten.

NOTE: Not all issues of the journals in JSTOR are available through the library's subscription! Beware of articles available via "external sites." They will ask for $$$ in order to view the most recent articles. (Aaaargh.) 

Article Databases - search for any topic!

Background Info

Need help figuring out sociology terms? Confused by the lingo? These online reference sources can help!

Journal Locator

Does the Library subscribe to a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper online? Try these journal locators to see if a full-text, online journal, magazine, or newspaper is available in a Library database or browse the journals published in a subject area.

Subject Guide

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