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CRLA II & III - Irvin, Lennie: Tutor Training

Tutoring for research

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Pre-session - freewrite questions:
  1. What is one thing you wish you knew about conducting research and/or the using the library?
  2. What do students (tutees) find particularly challenging when conducting research?

Discussion of freewrite.

Student questions we often hear:

  1. I don’t know where to begin.
    1. Should I go to the library first? 
    2. Search Google first?
  2. What are the best sources to use for my research project so that I am using my time well?
  3. How do I find the right words to plug into the search engine?
  4. How do I come up with my research question and then find the perfect article on my topic?
  5. How do I know that I have reliable sources?
  6. When I find reliable sources, how do I get past the prominent ones to find related ones?
  7. How long should I keep looking for information about my topic?
    1. How will I know when I have found the sources that will support my argument?
  8. Is it worthwhile to look through hard copies or printed books when so much is digital?

Purpose:  Students will understand that Searching is a Strategic Exploration


The purpose of this activity is to help you practice the following skills essential to your success in school and beyond. 

In this activity you will:

S.1. Understand how search tools are organized

S.2. Brainstorm keywords and select sources

S.3. Match information needs to a search tool

S.4. Design and refine a search strategy


This activity will also help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge: 

K.1. First attempts don't always produce good results

K.2. Information sources vary greatly in content and format

K.3. Recognize the value of browsing in gathering information

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Search Examples from Tools

Tool: Library Discovery

Try an all-in-one search for topics to get articles, books, and more. Use quotation marks "for phrases" and the * to pick up alternate endings in your search string.

Library Discovery - internet addiction - search example

Off-campus access

Library databases require a login from off-campus!

  • ACES username is required for login
  • ACES password is your password for login

What does the login page look like?


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