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English 1301 - Peyer, Valerie: "Writing the Self and the World"

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Research Paper Project: “Writing the Self and the World”

Essay Assignment: Write a 4 – 5 page research essay in which you describe and discuss something of cultural significance to you, your family, or your community. The subject / topic of your research paper could be a tradition, a place, an object, a practice, a food, etc. The approach for this research paper is informative. Your goal is to inform and educate your audience about your topic and its cultural significance.

When writing your research essay, you will need to give examples of your own personal experience as evidence; you will need to provide information you have gathered from sources (information from journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, reliable websites); and you will need to quote examples of conversations you have had with friends and family about your topic.  

Remember: You will need to use sources, personal interviews, and your personal experience to write this essay. The approach for this essay is informative. Your goal for writing this paper is to inform and educate your audience about your topic and its cultural significance.

Due Date: Monday, Nov. 28th  - upload your essay to Assignment link by the end of class  

In preparation for writing this paper, you will need to:

  • Use the SAC Library Databases to find sources about your topic
  • Use the Google “Power Search” tips we will learn in class to find sources about your topic
  • Talk with friends and family members to get their insights about your topic

For student examples of research essays that incorporate interviews, personal experience, and sources, refer to the following student essays posted in Canvas:

  • “Golden City Supermarket” by Garber
  • “The Legend of Division Street” by Jin

Below is a list of general topics to begin brainstorming:

  • A family dish, food, etc.
  • A type of music (or a specific musician who represents your culture, your community)
  • A family tradition
  • A church, temple, or religious space
  • A type of celebration
  • A sport
  • An artist, director, actor/actress, writer, etc. (any creative artist representative of your cultural heritage or community)   
  • A place (a specific neighborhood, community center, park, neighborhood hang-out spot, barber shop, neighborhood store, family restaurant, etc.)
  • Other topic ideas: ____________________________________________________________

Essay Details:

  • Length: 1200 -1400 words (about 4 - 5 typed pages)
  • Use MLA documentation style - Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page
  • Use a minimum of 2 sources and at least 1 interview
  • Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, proper headings, title, and pagination
  • Grading – Refer to the grading rubric posted in Canvas to see how the final copy of the essay will be assessed.

Grading: How will my entire Research Paper Project be graded? 

The Research Paper Project includes several parts. Each part will contribute to X amount of points toward the final grade, culminating in the final Research Paper Project grade. Each part will count two-fold: separately as a daily grade and as X points earned towards the final project grade. (See breakdown of points below.)

Refer to the grading rubric posted in Canvas to see how the Final Copy of the essay will be graded.

      We will work on several parts/steps of the Research Paper Project beginning Week 10, and we will spend a total of 5 weeks on this project.

      The key to this last research project is planning ahead. Students should seriously begin thinking about ideas for their research project during Week 10. Assignment handouts with instructions for each step will be posted each week.

For now, make note of the following due dates for each part:

Date Due                                          Part: I – IV                                  Possible Points Earned 

(Upload to Assignment link)                                                    (leading up to the final copy):

Mon. Nov. 7th                                     I Research Proposal due………………………………………………………..…15 pts.

Mon. Nov.  14th                                 II Rough Outline of ideas due……………...………..…………..………………15  pts.

Wed.  Nov. 16th                              III  First 4 Paragraphs of rough draft due…………...………………….……..20 pts.

Mon. Nov. 28th                              IV   Final Copy of Research Essay due ………………………..….……...……. 50 pts.

Total Possible Points for Research Essay Project:                                                                               100 pts.

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