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Library Instruction: Schedule a Library Class

This guide helps faculty schedule library instruction, outlines our instruction philosophy, links to our learning outcomes tasks and results, and provides basic instruction program statistics.

Philosophy, Mission, Goals, and Program Discription

The Library Instruction program's philosophy, mission, and goals statement, as adopted in March 1986, revised in August 1996, November 2001, and Feb. 2010 establishes that:

Philosophy and Mission:

San Antonio College librarians are faculty who actively participate in the teaching function of the college. Accessing information is a lifelong process requiring individuals to identify, locate, evaluate, and use resources pertinent to their needs. Our mission is to teach students the skills needed to successfully complete their library-related assignments. Librarians prepare students to apply critical thinking skills and become independent library researchers.


  1. Provide quality library instruction in formats designed to meet both class and individual needs.
  2. Develop guides to assist students in the use of library materials.
  3. Consult with faculty in designing and incorporating library-related assignments in their curriculum.
  4. Assessment of instruction classes using ACRL standards to develop assignments and rubrics.

Program Description:

Library instruction is available through:

  1. Course-related classes are tailored to specific course assignments to:
    • accomplish learning objectives determined by the librarian in consultation with the classroom instructor
    • develop a questioning approach to identify information needs
    • demonstrate a library research process
    • teach how to evaluate resources
    • reduce student anxiety by providing an atmosphere which promotes learning.

    These classes will provide students with an introduction to the research process and the critical evaluation of information. Consult the library instruction statistics in this guide for a complete history. 

    The library has two instruction classrooms. Each is equipped with a projection system, two screens, instructor's computer. Room 208 has 40 individual student computers.  Room 209 has 30 individual student computers. Classroom demonstrations integrate student hands-on participation using the library Discovery, databases, and the Web.

    In library instruction classes, librarians create LibGuides tailored to specific course assignments to assist students in the use of library materials.

    Instructors are encouraged to meet with librarians to design library-related assignments for their courses.

    Librarians are using ACRL guidelines to measure learning outcomes in each class.

  2. One-on-one instruction at the reference desk and via LibChat provides librarians with the opportunity to teach the research process and the critical thinking skills to fulfill students' information needs. Librarians teach students how to select and use appropriate resources such as reference sources, library Discovery, and databases.

  3. Online instruction can be requested via Zoom online classroom.
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