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Library Policies

Collection Development Policy for Government Documents


                                         AMORY IRBY                           MARCH 10, 2022             


                To support the San Antonio College curriculum, materials will be acquired to keep the collection current on new theories and techniques in the field reflected in the curriculum, while maintaining the depository under the rules governing the federal depository program.


  1. Those items which meet direct curriculum needs of courses offered to the student body, as listed in the San Antonio College Bulletin.  Such curriculum needs include instructional programs in liberal arts and science education, occupational and technical education, developmental education, continuing education, and women’s programs.  A list of suggested subject areas/SuDoc numbers is given below.
  2. Those items which are listed in the Guidelines for the Depository Library System.
  3. Those items which meet other needs of the student body, faculty, administration, and community, dependent upon relevance of the items to the curriculum, internal factors of space and budget limitations, and other collections available in local depositories.  A list of selection criteria is given below.


                The formats that will be selected are digital and electronic resources.  The only exception will be the legal documents in support of our legal assisting program at San Antonio College.


  1. Course and curriculum descriptions in the college bulletin.
  2. Expressions of research needs, such as term paper requests, reference requests, and subjects of topical and geographic interest.
  3. Strengths and needs in the entire library collection.
  4. Listings in standard reference sources, bibliographies, and book reviews.

  1. Areas in which some, but not all, materials should be selected (digital, electronic and paper only)

    1. J – Dept. of Justice
    2. JU – Judiciary (Courts)


Materials will be identified through recommendations in or from:

    1. Faculty and student recommendations
    2. Guidelines for the Depository Library System
    3. Monthly catalog
    4. Ref. Z1035.1.G89 1996.  Guide to reference books.
    5. Ref. Z1039.C65 B67.  Books for college libraries.


Documents will be weeded based upon the following criteria:

  1. Curriculum needs.
  2. Historical importance, including appearance in standard reference sources and bibliographies.
  3. Availability of newer editions.


San Antonio College Library is a selective federal government document depository.  We have been a depository since 1972.  We receive our government documents in shipment boxes via UPS from Washington, DC.


  1. Receive and open shipment box.
  2. Separate government documents from shipping lists.
  3. Stamp current date in the upper right hand corner of shipping lists.
  4. Process the government documents:
  1.  Stamp the ownership and date stamp on the lower left hand corner.
  2. Write the classification number on the first inside page of the document in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Place a barcode on the back cover in the lower right hand corner.
  4. Place security tag  in the middle of the inside back cover.

  1. Place completed shipping lists with date stamped in current shipping list folder.


  1. Pull government documents to copy catalog.
  2. Logon to the WMS Discovery program.
    1. Select the Acquisitions tab.
    2. Click on “Discover Items”
  1. Select the title tab under Index.
  2. Enter the title of the government document.
  3. Click on the appropriate government document.
  4. Click on Copies then choose ‘Add Item’
    1. Change permanent shelving locations to location the government document will be housed.
    2. Change call number to Library of Congress.
    3. Enter classification and cutter numbers (found in book copyright page.
    4. Enter copy number as 1.
    5. Change receipt status to “Received and complete or ceased”
    6. Scan in barcode.
    7. Enter cost of government document or if unknown enter $10.00.
    8. Click on add monographic item.
  5. Select the Circulation tab.
  6. Click on “Check in”
  7. Scan in barcode to change from In Process to Available.
  8. Return to Acquisitions Tab.
  9. View “Edit Metadata”.
  10. Copy catalog government documents.
    1. Bibliographic record
    1. Check Superintendent of Documents number for accuracy (086)
    2. Check pagination (300)
    3. Check subject headings (610) (650)


  1. All federal paper government documents will be integrated into the reference collections of the library.
  2. Produce labels using Microsoft Word.



                1.    Federal government documents need to be kept 5 years before the items can be withdrawn. Some documents will be kept more than 5 years because of historical value or they support our curriculum – per librarian recommendation.

                2.    Pull documents from the shelves that need to be withdrawn.

                   a.  Copy record

                          1.   Select the Circulation tab.

                          2.   Scan in barcode.

                           3.   Select delete.

                           4.  Copy record will be deleted and our holdings will change to not held by our library.        

                 3.  Withdrawn documents need to be counted and stamped withdrawn on the top of the documents.


                1.     Government documents need to be listed after withdrawal on FDLP Exchange.

                  2.     Preparing disposal lists

                     a.    Information needed for lists

                           1.    Title of government document

                           2.    Superintendent of Documents Classification Number

                           3.    Multiple parts – as needed

                           4.    Publication date

                           5.    Shipping list date

                           6.    Format of government document

                           7.    Postage reimbursement (do not request unless over $10)

                           8.    Physical condition of government document

                3.     Disposal dates are assigned by the Federal Exchange Program.  It is 6 weeks from the date of submittal.

                4.     The documents will be listed on the Federal Exchange program under “Input Offers.”


                5.     After the disposal date has passed, documents can be placed in the recycling bins for pickup.


  1. Federal Depository Library website –

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