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Early Childhood Program Professional Development Plan 2019-2020

Resources to assist students in researching key topics on their professional development plan

Searching as Strategic Exploration

You can select from topics listed on the Program Professional Development Plan you need more help with: working with families, or children with disabilities, nature base play or math and science. Use the tools (databases) linked below to search for articles, book chapters, and other sources to add context and deeper understanding on a topic. Think about the 5 Ws: Who is involved with the topic? What is the topic about? When does the topic take place or when should the articles have been published? Where does the topic take place? Why is this topic important? Then search for combinations of words with AND to find articles.

Search examples from Tools

How-to Video - click to play!

Tool: Education Research Complete (1)

How do these search tools work? You type in keywords, the search tool looks through millions of articles, and shows you only those articles which contain your exact words. That's it! You're playing the matching game! You can brainstorm a list of keywords you want to find - such as what age group or technique. This is just one example I came up with to try to find articles. I use the AND search connector in between keywords or phrases to help the search tool find better matches.

Edu Research Complete search example

Tool: Education Research Complete (2)

Different keywords, different search results. I'm also limiting my search results to Full Text, Scholarly Peer Reviewed, and within the last 6 years of publication.

Edu Research Complete search example

Tool: Education Research Complete (3)

Again, different keywords, different search results. Read the Abstracts and Subject headings to "steal" some of their words for your keyword strategy.

Edu Research Comlete search example

Tool: Education Research Complete (how to cite in APA)

Need an APA Citation? When you click on an article title, you'll get the full text or pdf of the entire article plus a bunch of other tools such as Citing. Citations in these search tools are created by machines, not humans! This APA citation is not perfect. Change the ALL CAPS title into Regular Capitalization.

Edu Research Complete search example

Tool: Education Research Complete (how to share an article link)

Need to share a link? When you click on an article title, you will see links to the full text and/or pdf of the full article PLUS...a bunch of other tools such as Citing, Emailing, Downloading, and...Permalink. If you need to share a direct link into this article on your Discussion board, use Permalink. It is a gateway link for on and off campus users. Off campus users will be required to put in their ACES login to view it.

Edu Research Complete search example

Off-campus access

Library databases require a login from off-campus!

  • ACES username is required for login
  • ACES password is your password for login

What does the login page look like?


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