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Library Common Read: Fall 2021

One Book-One Read-One SAC

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Professor Jeanette Bunch:

  • Chapter 6: Kind Systems discussion session

Zaki points out that not only are we a part of a circle of family and friends but part of a “larger world, governed by social norms.”  Let’s talk through how to build empathy in these larger systems such as schools, colleges, and universities. What are the beliefs, attitudes, and customs shared by your community and institutions?  In what ways do social norms influence our thoughts and actions? What is empathy bias and how do we recognize it? Does empathy beget empathy?  What are actions we can take today to move towards kinder systems? These are some of the questions we will talk about in this discussion. 

(yep, we know they are out of order, we will discuss Empathy Challenge #4 at the 11/09 session, thanks)


6:05pm – 7:00pm





Professor Liz Ann Aguilar: 


6:05pm – 7:00pm





Professor Mary Anne Bernal and FTO President Victoria Veloz:

  • Chapter 7: The Digital Double Edge discussion session
  • Recommended pages for today: 144-167
  • and sharing on Empathy Challenge #4: KindTech, & Finale Participant Discussion.

Internet platforms and social media have incredible power to affect human relationships. Instead of using technology to be confrontational or self-involved, how do you use technology to make "real connections" with real people? Ch.7 The Digital Double Edge.

  • Contest Entries must be submitted by 11/09/21.




3:05pm – 4:00pm





Contest Finale: Empathy through Art & Writing with student prizes.


3:05pm – 4:15pm




Exploring Empathy Through Art Contest

Graphic for Empathy through art and writing contest

Registration opens on October 19th

Submissions must be received no later than November 9th @ 6pm. 

Contest eligibility requirements:

  • Student must be currently enrolled at SAC; 

  • Student must register and attend a minimum of two Common Read sessions; and

  • Top 3 contest finalists in each category will present their entry on November 16 - from 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  



Mentors are available to assist students with any questions they may have for meeting contest entry requirements: 

Art Mentor:

Darren Longman -

Written Word Mentors: 

Liz Ann Aguilar -

Caroline Davis -

Laurie Coleman -

Supporting Local Businesses


We're proud to use a local bookstore to support our community and as the supplier for the books. Founded by bestselling author, Jenny Lawson (AKA The Bloggess), Nowhere Bookshop is an independent bookstore located at 5154 Broadway in San Antonio, Texas. Featuring new books, author events, unique gifts, and a coffee, wine and beer bar. Phone Number: 210-640-7260

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Our very own SAC Student, Vivian Zapata designed this year's Common Read icon. Vivian is currently a sophomore in the Communication Design degree and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022. She's set her eyes on becoming a director in the film and graphic design world. We appreciate her beautiful design and hard work on this icon.

Kindness Challenge 3: Disagree Better

Politics has become America’s empathic black hole.   Individuals on the left and right increasingly regard each other with fear and loathing.  Empathizing across this chasm can seem like a waste of time, or worse, a betrayal of our own ideological tribe.  

But empathy is not the same as condoning someone’s beliefs—it merely entails trying to understand them better.  One way to do so is by going beyond an opinion to the person underneath: the fears, hopes, and memories that shape what they believe.

Today, find and talk with someone who disagrees with you.  Start by asserting your respective positions.  But then, instead of debating your views, tell each other the story of how you came to have them in the first place.  Try to cultivate, and display, curiosity about this person, rather than judging them immediately.

Did this approach led to a more productive discussion than you would have had otherwise?  Why or why not?  Were you surprised by anything you learned?

Ted Talk

More from the author

Publications by Jamil Zaki 

Opinion: Our divided times are an opportunity for empathy. Really.

During fractious times, empathy can seem as effective as bringing cotton candy to a gunfight. When the other side is viewed as an existential threat, meeting opponents halfway can feel dangerous — equivalent to betraying one’s side and giving up your ideals.

The Technology of Kindness

Diagnosing technology's damaging effects is the first step toward reversing them. Harris co-founded the Center for Humane Technology to encourage developers and investors to build "regenerative," rather than extractive, online platforms. The idea is that our capacity for empathy runs just as deep as our vanity, outrage or fear, and technology should highlight healthier forces

Empathy in the Workplace

Curbside Pickup

Books are ready for pickup!


  • Pick up your copy in Moody Learning Center, 2nd floor, Library (MLC)

Curbside pickup service?

  • Drive up to the Moody Learning Center and text to 210-714-1649, Your Name and Pickup LCR book

What is a Library Common Read?

The Library Common Read provides a shared experience for you by bringing the campus community together to attend a variety of events and talk about empathy. (It's not just talking about a book).

Your benefits

Intellectual engagement

  • The common read can help your academic transition to college: reading helps develop your focus.
  • Your professor sees this as a way to help you across all your classes: even math classes want you to read.

Community engagement

  • You are now part of a campus-wide dialogue: you'll talk with fellow students, staff, and faculty!
  • You'll see civility in action by hearing and exploring different views and experiences: Caring is Sharing.
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