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Digital Display Guides: Poster Contest

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Library & Design Communications I and II

The History of the SAC Library Poster Contest 

In 2018, SAC librarian Karen Briere and Communications Department faculty Professor Brook Rosser met to collaborate on a joint project that would not only bring the students of the Design Communication I and II classes a real-life project that fulfilled the requirements of their course, but also promoted the SAC Library's valuable services to the SAC community. 
The Design Communications students were given the assignment by Professor Rosser to create a bookmark and a poster for their client, the SAC Library. The SAC Library, acting as the client, provided the students with the requirements of the project by giving minimal creative input, but all the specific information that might be incorporated into the design such as location, hours, services, etc.
Students were given assignment deadlines to meet for the course and the culminating event was to present their designs to the client. In 2018 and 2019 the students presented their designs to the library staff in the Moody Learning Center Library Performance Area and the designs were displayed for the entire college community to view on the fourth floor of the library and later on the 2nd floor of the library. The library staff were given the opportunity to vote for their top 3 poster designs and the winners had their posters printed and displayed in the library and various locations across campus. Every bookmark design was printed and distributed to library users. 
In 2020, due to Covid-19 placing everyone in the remote environment a few changes were made. Instead of a bookmark, students were asked to create a Facebook Banner image to be used on the library Facebook page throughout the upcoming semester. Students presented their designs in a Zoom meeting room to the class and the library staff.
Students from Design Communications I only, presented their designs in Zoom for 2021, but we hope that we will be back to in-person presentations next year.  
We are very proud of our students creative designs and are honored to present them here for your enjoyment. 

5th Annual Poster Contest 2022

1st Place - Pedro Gutierrez

Second Place - Morgan Quinlan

Third Place - Savannah Rozelle

Andrea Blanco

Jae Barnes

Duriana DeLeon

Vivian Garcia

Alan Hernandez


Lizbeth Mireles

Victoria Lopez Garcia

Maria Milhara

Zoe Tolliver

4th Annual Poster Contest 2021

1st Place - Xaven Kosub

Poster of cat and library services

2nd Place - Alyssa Reagan

3rd Place - Megan Young

poster image and library details

Xaven Kosub- 2

Audrey Lopez -1

Audrey Lopez - 2

Jordan Mason - 1

Beatrix Perez - 1

Beatrix Perez - 2

Jonathan Portales - 1

poster image with library details

Jonathan Portales - 2

poster image with library details

Alyssa Reagan - 2

Ashley Waldrop - 1

poster image and library details

Ashley Waldrop - 2

3rd Annual Poster Contest 2020

1st Place - Mason Engelmeier

2nd Place - Kelly Whitehead

image of woman and retro car - text curbside pickup

3rd Place - Alexis Benavides

image of woman and children and text - Need a quiet place to study

Hector Abundis - 1

imoji and text

Hector Abundis - 2

imoji and text don't stress

Alexis Benavides

image of car and books

Isaac Briones - 1

image of cell phone and 2 people with text

Isaac Briones - 2

image of car driving down road with books

Clarissa Caballero - 1

image of hand giving book to another hand

Clarissa Caballero - 2

image of statue head with book and phone coming out the top

Cynthia Castanon - 1

image of library with chairs and stick figures

Cynthia Castanon - 2

image of phone and Ask a Librarian text

Dhenebb Coull - 1

anime image girl with text show us what you're reading

Dhenebb Coull - 2

anime image of girl needing librarian help

Mason Engelmeier - 1

Cindy Garcia - 1

image of man with words coming out of his head

Cindy Garcia - 2

image of book with text

Priscilla May - 1

image of dog and text Got Questions

Priscilla May - 2

Image of bookcase with books and text

Andrew Ortiz - 1

image of claymation man reading a book

Andrew Ortiz - 2

image of stair and human figure text curbside pickup

Allyah Quinte - 1

image of Sac Offer Ask a librarian

Allyah Quinte - 2

image of flying books

Enrique Sanchez - 1

image of maze using text lost and ask a librarian

Enrique Sanchez - 2

image of maze and FOUND with curbside pickup text

Devin Spaeth - 1

image of clouds and text we offer curbside service

Devin Spaeth - 2

image of bookshelves and text

Todd Stapleton - 1

image with text Do things look sideways

Todd Stapleton - 2

image of VW beetle and curbside pickup

Dylan Trevino - 1

image of office phone and text

Dylan Trevino - 2

image of 2 mouths talking

Lindsay Varelas - 1

image of crying librarian

Ben Wenzel - 1

image of astronaut and text need a quiet space

Ben Wenzel - 2

image of space and text Need a group space

Kelly Whitehead - 1

image of zombies and ask a librarian text

Lindsay Varelas - 2

image of 2 people reading and text wish you were here

2nd Annual Poster Contest 2019

1st place - Julie Mesquiti

image of poster for 1st place

2nd place - Sarah Moretz

image of poster

3rd place - Zuriel Ontiveros

image of poster

Honorable Mention - Bryana Lechuga

image of poster

1st Annual Poster Contest 2018

1st place - Stephanie Martinez

image of poster for 1st place

2nd place - Ivy Campanella

3rd place

image of poster
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