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Arts 1301 - Rinck, Jonathan

Skeletal Couple with Child (Moche, 3rd-7th c.)

Image of Moche vessel

Bride (Paula Rego, 1994)

Image of Paula Rego's Bride

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Museum Assignment Part 2: The Final Paper

In this course, you will be required to write a research paper on the topic of a particular theme represented by the artwork assigned to you for your Museum Paper.

Getting Started:

Part 5 of your textbook (8th ed.; Chapters 21-27) is dedicated to various themes explored in works of art and architecture over a variety of cultures throughout history.  As a starting place for this assignment, I have outlined these themes, giving greater detail to how they might be addressed (see attached List of Themes). 

Write a brief proposal for your Research Paper, stating the following:

  • the theme you will be investigating;
  • list five (5) keywords that will help you research your topic, pertaining to medium (e.g., painting, architecture, sculpture,), culture (e.g. Japan, American, Latin American, etc.), time period (contemporary, Renaissance, 19th century, etc.)and theme (gender identity, birth, death [funerary, burial], environment, technology, etc.)

This proposal is due on Oct 31 and will be submitted to me by uploading it in Canvas

Final Paper:

The contents of your paper should include the following:

  1. A clear description of the theme you have chosen to investigate. (1/2 page);
  2. Information on the artist, and/or type of artwork you are researching (if the object is unattributed) (about 1 page);
  3. A thorough description of the art that represents this theme. Start with a good formal analysis of the artwork (discuss the most important elements of art and design principles); (2 pages)
  4. Next, using the sources you found, discuss the meaning and/or function of the artwork you are investigating. ( about 1-page)
  5. And, last, give a summary of how the work you have examined represents the theme and was significant to the culture in which they were produced. (1-2 pages)
  6. Works Cited page (1-page).
  7. Include an image of your artwork.

Your final paper will be a well-written essay, approximately 1,000 to 1,250 words in length (this is the equivalent to a four to five-page paper if double-spaced and in 12-point font).

 Cited Sources: No more than one of your sources should be a webpage (that is, something that exists only as a webpage; here, the Met website might be used as a fifth source).  When using an internet source, remember that it must be legitimate, meaning that it is authored and published by an academic or art institution (look for .edu or .org websites).  When published sources are included in your final paper, you must provide proper citation.  You may use either MLA style or the Turabian Style.  Information on how to use either style is available through the SAC Library website (see citation guide (Links to an external site.)).   Your final paper will be due on the above-posted date.  All late papers will lose one-third a letter grade per day they are late.

Submit: Use the submit link at the top of this page and upload your final paper as directed.

Grading:  Your grade for this assignment will be based on the quality of your paper following the guidelines above (90%) and the inclusion of a complete and properly Works Cited page.  In terms of quality, I will be looking for a well-written paper that reflects a thoughtful and thorough analysis of the subject matter (the art you have chosen to investigate), supported by your outside research.

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