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CDEC 1321 - DeHoyos-O'Connor, Ana: Prenatal Development & Teratogens

Students will summarize the stages of prenatal development and explore what effects teratogens have on an unborn child.

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Part 1 of the essay, (summarize the stages of prenatal development and the birth process ):

In this assignment, students are asked to research and review prenatal development and the birth process. They are then to summarize(in paragraph/detail) the stages of prenatal development and the birth process. The class modules provide you with a link to the SAC library.  Research one to two sources for your paper.  

Part 2 of the essay (Select a teratogen to research):

Please pick from the specific subtopic that focuses on the influences that various risk factors and/or teratogens have on an unborn child. Provide a minimum of three examples from the teratogen you researched and write a detailed paragraph regarding the influence on prenatal development or the birth process. 

Subtopics: Nutrition, Maternal/Paternal Age, Stress, Diseases, Drugs, and Environmental Hazards

1.      Explore online resources (org, .gov, edu – no Wikipedia, please) to gain an understanding of good prenatal care, the birth process, and your subtopic.                              

Part 3 POST( Online Post in Discussions-graded in Discussions) 15 points

Present your findings on the teratogens information in the group discussion/online post in discussions and respond to other students' findings on what you have learned.  T

 Include your bibliography and MLA Format for Parts 1 and 2 of the assignment.

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