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EDUC 1300 - Thatcher, Heather: Careers and Leadership Styles

Students will research aspects of chosen careers, barriers to student success, and explore various leadership styles.

Career Research LIB-O-RAMA!

Career Research LIB-O-RAMA

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Three research projects:

1.  an essay on barriers to college student success. (i.e. drugs, mental illness, poverty.)
2.  an essay on careers - find out about career trends, salary, benefits, etc.
3.  a project on different leadership styles including scholarly sources.

Find a peer-reviewed journal article to support the following topics.


1. Do your emotions impact your motivation as a college student? 

2. How does poverty affect college student success? 

3. What effect does personality have on choosing a college major?

4. How could note taking during class be made more effective?

What aspect of leadership is most important to you? 

For example: 
  • management
  • guidance
  • communication 
  • work ethic
  • sympathy
  • teamwork
  • critical thinking
  • listening
  • conflict resolution
  • adaptability

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