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English 1301+ - Robinson, Ashley: Searching for Sources

Peer reviewed journal articles

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Compare & contrast rhetorical strategies (MLK, Jr. & John Lewis texts)

Lewis, John. “Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation.New York Times, 30 July 2020, p. A23(L).

More about Google searching. 

The "W" Questions

  • Who: Who are you talking about? Why should the reader know about them? Also, who is publishing the articles you are looking at? Who is doing the research on your topic?
  • What:  What type of document is it? Is it a primary source or secondary source document.
  • When:  When did the majority of research on your topic get published (especially important in the sciences)? Are you in a position to compare historical and contemporary information?
  • Where: Where is your topic being researched? Where is your topic relevant? Where are people talking about your topic? Are there specific places where your topic takes place or influences?
  • Why: Why is your topic being researched? Is it an important, urgent issue? Why do you like your topic? Why do you want to do research on it? Why is it interesting to you?
  • How: How are you going to do your research? How will you phrase your thesis or research question? How will you focus your topic?

The "W" Questions-Plus - Ask questions that support theories and practice.

  • Which one..?
  • What if....?
  • Should...?
  • How did...?
  • Why do...?
  • What would happen if...?
  • What might...?
  • How would you feel if...?
  • What do you think...?

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