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History 1302 - Davis, Nika: 1920s, the Great Depression and World War II

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Be prepared to answer 4 out of these 10 questions in a descriptive essay.  Be sure to answer each part of the question in order to gain full credit for each question.  Please note that describe requires you to explain your answer with examples: do not make a list nor wrap all 4 questions into one big essay.  In order to receive full credit, each question must be 1 page in length double spaced with 12 font. Times New Roman script.


1.  The beginning of the 20th century marked the beginning of American imperialism.  Define imperialism and describe 3 examples of American imperialism during this period.  Also, explain Mark Twain's position about imperialism. (Each aspect of the 5 part question is worth 5pt.) 25

 2. Describe the Insular Cases, Philippine Insurrection, the building of the Panama Canal and Roosevelt Corollary.  Explain why these events raise questions about Josiah Strong's argument about imperialism. (25pt.)

 3.  Describe five significant characteristics of the Great War. 25pt.

 4.  Describe 4 characteristics of the Treaty of Versailles and the response that the Senate gave to the League of Nations.  25pt.

 5.  Describe 5 ways that America moved from conservatism to liberalism in the 1920s. (25pt.)

 6.  Explain what fundamentalism, 18th amendment, the Scopes Monkey Trial, Marcus Garvey and Henry Ford had to do with the 1920s. 25pt.

 7.  How was Warren Harding's character different from Calvin Coolidge and explain four reasons why America was caught in illusions in either domestic or foreign policy?

 8.  Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933 and proposed a New Deal for America.  Describe 5 New Deal programs designed to address the Great Depression.

 9.  Describe 5 significant events leading to or during WW II.

 10.  Describe the plight of women, blacks, Jews in Europe, Italians, and Japanese Americans during the 1920s-1940s.

Ideas for Topics

Students often write about topics that are too broad. It is often wise to narrow your subject when selecting your topic for your history essay.  

Ideas for Topics


Examples of Topics that are Too Broad:

More Narrow Topics:



Westward Expansion

Wounded Knee


Little Bighorn


Barbed Wire


Woodrow Wilson


Battle of Belleau Wood


Trench Warfare


Chemical Warfare

Women’s History

Women’s Suffrage


19th Amendment


Jeannette Rankin


Susan B. Anthony


Margaret Sanger

Great Depression

Dust Bowl


Stock Market Crash of 1929




Higgins Boats


Admiral Chester W. Nimitz




Battle of Midway


WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots)

Civil Rights

Emmett Till


Letter from Birmingham Jail


United Farm Workers


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