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Check out a Textbook on Reserve

How to check out an item that your instructor has placed on Reserve for a course.

Reserve Items

What is Reserve?

Reserve consists of two collections:

  1. The first is a collection of items in MLC 308 generally assigned a 2 hour loan period. It includes books, DVDs, CDs, book chapters, articles, and instructor’s materials.These items can be found by requesting them at the service point in the SAC Library area, MLC 308.   
  2. The second is electronic reserve. It includes book chapters, articles, test reviews, instructor’s notes, or other photocopied material. Students can access electronic reserve items through the SAC Library catalog, 24/7 by course or instructor from any Internet connected computer. After typing in their names and Banner numbers, students get access to the full text of Reserve items. In addition, a unique password may be assigned to a reserve item so that only individuals knowing the unique password can access the reserve item.

Students can identify items on Reserve by course or instructor in our catalog.

What do I need to check out reserve items?

To check out reserve items, you must have:

  • A current San Antonio College (SAC), Northeast Lakeview College (NLC), Northwest Vista College (NVC), Palo Alto College (PAC), St. Philip's College (SPC), or Alamo Colleges (AC) identification (ID) card with the Banner ID number.

Individuals who are not ACCD faculty, staff, or students may check out reserve items for two hour library use only with one of the following:

  • A current ID card from an area college or high school.
  • A current driver's license or Texas Department of Public Safety ID card.

How many reserve items can I check out and what are the loan periods?

Only one reserve item may be checked out at a time.

Reserve items have different checkout periods, from two to six hours, library use only, one day, or two days.

  • Two-six hour library use only reserve items must be used in the SAC Library reserve area, MLC 308.
  • A one day reserve item may be checked out at any time during the day and is due the following day. Weekends and SAC holidays are not included.
  • A two day reserve item may be checked out at any time during the day and is due two class days after the check out day (e.g., a book checked out on Monday is due on Wednesday). Weekends and SAC holidays are not included.

What is the fine for an overdue reserve item?

The fine for an overdue two to six hour library use only reserve item is $.50 per hour per item. The fine for an overdue one or two day reserve item is $.50 per day per item.

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