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Sociology 1306 - Perez, Beatrix: Social Issues & COVID-19

Searching as Strategic Exploration


Students will complete a project addressing Social Problems related to the COVID pandemic using the your “sociological imagination.” 

Project name: Student Perceptions of the COVID pandemic on Society.

Students will take two photo images that highlight a social problem resulting from the COVID pandemic or exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

One photo will be a visual representation of the student perception of the social problem.

The other photo will be a visual representation of a potential solution to address the social problem highlighted through the first photo.

Students will prepare short narratives describing their photos and submit both photos and narratives in the assignment module. Narratives should not exceed 4-5 sentences.

Students will participate in a focus group that will take place during class time. As a class, we will view each photo and discuss perceptions of the photos. Students will also take notes and collect focus group data. We will engage in focus group and note taking training prior to conducting the focus group. Student participants will be required to sign a consent form prior to participation. Since this is an open forum, we will ensure a safe, non-judgmental, and respectful environment!

Project Paper (5-7 pages):

Each student will submit a paper that describes the impact of the pandemic on their social problem and report findings from the photovoice focus group. Each student will also reflect on the photovoice and focus group process and method.

Your paper should include the following:

             1 - A title page with your paper title


2- The social problem and pandemic impact:  (Part 1)
 A) - Introduce your topic area.

       What social problem are you highlighting? What were trends prior to the
       pandemic (use data sources here)? How has the pandemic exacerbated the
       social problem? How has the social problem become a larger issue? How has
       the social problem changed? What new social problems have developed?

  B) What do you see as possible solutions to address the social problem? What  
       policies or programs might help alleviate the social problem? What lessons   
       did we learn through the pandemic? How did the pandemic change society?  


C)  How can the sociological imagination help us understand social problems during the

**You will need academic journal articles and research here as well as popular sources (4 minimum). Include in-text citations and provide a reference page using APA format.


3- Photovoice focus group findings.  (Part 2)
   A) Report your focus group findings. Provide a short introduction by describing each theme you  
        found significant.    
        Under each theme, you will provide direct quotes, paraphrased quotes, any
        significant notes that support the theme.
   B) Where you were surprised at any of the responses overall? Where you
        surprised at any responses to your photos specifically?

4- Reflect on the photovoice and focus group process. (Part 3)
             (Answer all questions in this section)
A) Describe the experience of taking photos. What were your thoughts going into
                 the process?
Did you encounter any challenges? Please describe any. How did
                 you navigate the challenges?

            B) Describe your thoughts on photovoice as a method to bring about awareness of
                 social problems. How effective is it? What impact did photovoice have on the
                 issue itself? What are ways to use this method in reaching the larger   

            C) Describe your thoughts on the focus group process. How effective was it for
                 addressing the photos and perceptions through discussion? What kind of
                 “space” was created for the focus group? Were there any challenges to
                 gathering data?

            D) Summarize your general thoughts and provide recommendations.
                 1) What did you learn through the photovoice process? What did you learn
                     about focus groups?
                 2) Describe advantages and disadvantages of the project.
                 3) Describe suggestions for improvement. What would you change if given the
                      opportunity to do another PV project? What topic would you

Photovoice Timeline

2/10 - Photovoice lecture and project description

3/10 – Discuss project details – handout – post in Canvas

3/24 – Library instruction in MLC 209 during class time on Tuesday 3/22.
              Attendance mandatory

4/05 - Submit individual photos and narratives; Focus group note taking training 

4/12 - Participant Consent forms due 

4/14 - Focus Group; Class note taking

5/08 - Final Paper and Reflection papers due

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