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Library Instruction: Outcomes & Assessment: Fall 2010

Student learning outcomes for information literacy.

Fall 2010 Results

More Data

Dr. Wood has provided formulas to help us further evaluate our data.

From Spring to Fall 2010: Changes

When compared to the Spring 2010 data, the Fall 2010 data shows several changes:

  1. The N/A (not attempted) percentage for tasks went down.
  2. The Needs Improvement percentage went down.
  3. The Good percentage went down.
  4. The Excellent percentage went up. 
Spring 2010 Fall 2010
Not Attempted 9.43% 6.66%
Needs Improvement 3.63% 1.77%
Good 9.06% 6.34%
Excellent 77.75% 85.42%


Summary: 91.76% of students performed in the Excellent & Good categories.

NOTE: Total number of students from Spring (4896) to Fall (5578) went up by 682.


    Our key goals for Spring 2011 semester:

    1.       Continue improving our completion rate for tasks.
    2.       Practice combining two outcomes into one task.
    3.       Diversify! Try one set of outcomes for one set of classes, then try a different set.


    Tips for creating new tasks & rubrics:

    1.       Identify which outcome you’d like to address.
    2.       Create your rubric from the bottom up – decide which ONE element is the most important for students to report (1pt), then add another element (2pts), then a third element (3pts).
    3.       Write your task to include all the elements you’ll be grading.


    This Libguide has been updated with revised examples AND one brand new outcome/task/rubric:

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