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Library Instruction: Outcomes & Assessment: Overview

Student learning outcomes for information literacy.

What is this?

A work in progress...

An evolution has taken place in the library instruction world. For many years we were guided by the ACRL Information Literacy Standards. Starting in 2010, we created very prescriptive student tasks (mapped to the Standards) and rubrics to measure at what level our students could perform each task. You can see the results of these measures in our results/review section.

As of Fall 2017, we now look to the ACRL IL Framework for a more dispositional approach in teaching information-seeking skills and concepts. Our goal is to help students form research habits that will stay with them long after they leave San Antonio College. Here are the Big Ideas from the Framework:

Information-Seeking Skills, aka Information Literacy

SAC Administration is asking all faculty to provide student learning outcomes and assessment of those outcomes for all classes.

Students across the disciplines must be able to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. Information-seeking skills may already be included among the student learning outcomes that classroom faculty list on their course syllabus.

Library faculty promote information-seeking skills by teaching library instruction classes tailored to the subject, topics, and assignment identified by the classroom instructor. Student information literacy outcomes for each class include:

  • Develop a questioning approach to identify an information need (I. Define Topic)
  • Create a flexible research strategy for an assignment (II. Devise Strategy)
  • Locate a variety of quality sources relevant to a topic (III. Search Sources)

Most library instruction classes are one-shot 50 or 75-minute sessions, presenting a clear challenge to determine what is both fair and reasonable in terms of assessment. SAC Library faculty are currently exploring the use LibGuides and LibWizard as interactive ways for students to create learning outcome "artifacts" that can be easily assessed by both librarians and classroom instructors.



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