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Library Instruction: Outcomes & Assessment: Fall 2013

Student learning outcomes for information literacy.

Fall 2013 Report

2556 students were measured on 3 learning outcomes:

Outcome 1.1.c - Explores general information sources to increase familiarity with the topic

5 points = student states topic

Outcome 2.2.d - Constructs a search strategy using appropriate commands for the information retrieval system selected (e.g., Boolean operators, truncation, and proximity for search engines; internal organizers such as indexes for books)

5 points = student selects the correct multiple choice answer

Outcome 3.4.g - Selects information that provides evidence for the topic

5 points = student shares new information learned


The percentage of students performing Excellent, Good or Needs Improvement:

28.75% = Excellent (scored 15 points) - xxx students

50.93% = Good (scored 10 points) - xxx students

20.30% = Needs Improvement (scored 0-5 points) - xxx students

79.68% = Excellent and Good

20.30% = Needs Improvement

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