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Geography 1301 - Smith, Keith: Physical Geography: Home

Blowing its Top!

Blue lava at Indonesia's Kawah Ijen, near East Java.

Sulfuric gases escaping into the surface

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Hola Professor Smith and eager Geography 1301 students

Our three goals today are to:


1.  Find at least three (3) excellent sources for your upcoming seven  (7) page paper.

2,  Stretch our knowlege of library research and reduce our "research anxiety".

3.  Learn about databases and search techniques that will help in other classes.

4.  Have fun along the way.




Geography Face


In ten years, the Colorado River Basin has lost the equivalent of two Lake Meads, the largest reservoir in the U.S., pictured here at dusk with Las Vegas in the background.

In New Mexico, water levels in the once-mightly Rio Grande are so low that it is often referred to as the "Rio Sand."

Your Research Paper

Research Paper:

The paper will be seven (7) pages in length, using Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12 font only. MLA style. You will need to use three (3) or more references, one from the internet, one from a professional geographic  journal (Annals of the Association of American Geographers - is one of the most prestigious) one from a book, and the last your choice, however no WIKAPEDIA articles. We will meet at the normal class time in the Library Lab, MLC 208, on Tuesday, September 1 for a class on using relevant research resources and to start your research.  The topic will need to relate to Physical Geography.  Your paper is due by 5:00 pm Tuesday, Nov. 10.  Buena suerte (Good luck).

Hola desde Guanajuato, Mexico (muy bonito!)

Bottled Water Fact

40 percent of all bottled water sold in the world is bottled tap water!

Lloyd, John.  1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off. New York: W.W. Norton, 2013. Print.

Where is Fresh Air?

Citizens wear face masks to guard against heavy smog (Getty Images/ChinaFotoPress)

Citizens wear face masks to guard against heavy smog in Harbin, a city of 10 million people in northeastern China, on Nov. 3, 2015. Air pollution is the world's biggest environmental health risk, with some of the worst problems in developing nations such as China and India. (Getty Images/ChinaFotoPress)

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