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English 1301 - Vaughan, David: Career Research Assignment

Use this guide to find articles about your career!

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Search Examples from Tools

Vocational & Career Collection

Trade and industry publications including American Machinist, Modern Machine Shop, Pediatric Nursing, Wireless Week, Drug Store News, Reeves Journal, Hotel & Motel Management, Restaurant Business, Advertising Age, and more.

Screenshot of Vocational and Career Collection

Quick video of search tools (5 min)

Note: requires Adobe Flash to be installed (click to activate Adobe Flash if asked); use Firefox web browser.

video of search tools

Use the 5Ws to generate search keywords

Think about the Who, What, Where, When, Why of your career to generate a list of ideas for narrowing your search. If you only use one or two words to search for your career, congratulations! You get thousands of search results to look through! Noooooooo! But after brainstorming with the 5 Ws, you now have a list of words to add to your search to narrow and focus your search to something specific. Here are some sample searches from my brainstorm for "librarians" - librarians and teaching and college / librarians and technology / librarians and empathy / etc.

The Five Ws search strategy

Off-campus access

Library databases require a login from off-campus!

  • ACES username is required for login
  • ACES password is your password for login

What does the login page look like?


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