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Convert a Database Item URL for Off-campus Access: Convert a URL for Off-campus access

Copy & Paste to Create a Persistent Link

If you want to deep link to a page of database search results or link to a specific source (article, book chapter, evideo, etc.) sometimes the databases do not offer what is called a Permalink or Durable link. URLs which allow successful off-campus access will always include the following at the beginning of the URL:

If you are sharing a link to a page of search results or a link to specific source such as an article and it does NOT contain that login.aclibproxy part of the address at the beginning of the URL, you can quickly convert the link to automatically add that information by using our URL Converter tool:

Off-campus link converter

*Note: not all databases support durable links.


Embed a link to a specific Library database

Linking to a library database is pretty straight-forward. You must copy the link location from our Databases pages because those linked addresses provide the gateway by which off-campus users are verified.

  1. Go to the library's Databases pages.
  2. Find the database you want to link to and right-mouse click to copy the link location.
  3. Paste that link location into your web page.
  4. Always be sure to doublecheck that you've copied/pasted the databases's URLs correctly. Test test test your links.
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