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Library Policies

Collection Development: Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry, & Physics


NAME OF LIBRARIAN: Tom Bahlinger  DATE: 08/28/2019

SUBJECTS: General science; history, sociology, & philosophy of science; astronomy; chemistry; physics (including meteorology); and mathematics.


To support the general science curriculum; including astronomy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics; materials will be acquired to keep the collection current on new theories and techniques in the fields of general science; the history, sociology, & philosophy of science; astronomy; chemistry; physics; and mathematics.


Language:  English will be the primary language of the collection, unless there is a special request from a student or faculty for materials in another language, especially Spanish language material. Bilingual or polyglot scientific and mathematical dictionaries useful to English is a second language and non-native English students will be included in the reference collection.


Geography:  United States publications are emphasized, with some world science materials purchased, usually English language material published in the United Kingdom.

Chronology:  Emphasis is placed on the purchase of materials published within the last five years, except in areas covering the history of science. Titles that do not go out of date, such as mathematical tables; or that are considered classics, such as Watson's The Double Helix, Polya's How to Solve It, Hawking's A Brief History of Time; or that are indexed in major reference works such as Biography and Genealogy Master Index are exempt from the 5-year rule.


All formats may be considered for purchase.  Serials are heavily relied upon for current material.  Textbooks provide background information.  Audiovisual materials will be reviewed for selective additions.  CD-ROMs and DVDs are generally added when accompanying print material, but may be purchased separately when available.



Materials will be identified through recommendations in or from:

Faculty, student, or patron recommendations; professional library journals, such as:

Choice, Library journal, Booklist; specialized journals; publishers’ Discoverys & flyers; Guide to reference books [Ref. Z1035.1.G89]; Books for college libraries [Ref. Z1039.C65 B67]; Walford’s guide to reference material [Ref. Z1035.1 .W33]; [specialized reference works:  E&GLI, BGMI, MLA]; and specialized guides from subject or professional organizations, for example recommendations for undergraduates from the American Mathematical Assn.


All materials will be considered for de-selection within five years of publication or when a new edition is published.  All superseded editions will be removed from the shelves unless they are listed in a major reference work; or, if a reference work, the superseded edition may be moved to the circulating collection. Works that are classics in the field or that have historical or biographical information may qualify for indefinite retention.


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