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Library Policies

SAC Library Appropriate Patron Use

San Antonio College Library

Expectations of Appropriate Use: Quick Guide

The purpose of these expectations is to safeguard the common interest of all patrons and to enable the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently and equitably as possible. Entering the campus and the Library signifies agreement with the Library Expectations of Appropriate Use. Library patrons who refuse to adhere by these or any other policies, procedures, rules, or expectations of the District, the College or the Library will be required to leave the premises.

Note on non-compliance: patrons who do not adhere to the following behavior guidelines will be asked to leave and will be subjected to loss of library privileges, appropriate administrative action within the college, and prosecution under state law.

Patrons who do not follow the Library’s Expectations of Appropriate Use will be asked to leave and will lose their Library privileges. Patrons who violate District Policies will also be subject to arrest or other legal action.

Appropriate Use of the Library: patrons are to engage in appropriate activities and noise levels associated with the use of an academic library.  Guest patrons (not student, faculty, or staff) can use the library on a first-come, first-served basis, will check in with the desk and show identification, use designated guest computers only, are allowed no more than 2 hours per day of computer use, and can use the computers only between 9am and 5pm.

Inappropriate Behavior: patrons may not engage in conduct that truly disrupts or interferes with the operations of the Library, its staff, or its use by other patrons. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to:

  • Unattended and unsupervised children.
  • Misusing library materials.
  • Inappropriate, disrespectful, or uncivil behavior.
  • Harassing or threatening behavior.
  • Using obscene or abusive language or gestures.
  • Staring at another person or intruding on their personal space.
  • Following another person about the building.
  • Possessing a knife, gun, or any other weapon in violation of college/ state ordinance.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes.
  • Possession or using alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Soliciting, petitioning, selling, or advertising any goods or services.
  • Bringing in an animal, unless it is assisting a person with a disability.
  • Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, or local law or District, College or library policies.

Personal Hygiene: proper attire (including shirt and shoes) is required along with an acceptable standard of personal hygiene is expected of all individuals.

Mobile Devices and Other Electronic Devices: engaging in conversation on a cell phone is allowed in the San Antonio College Library as long as it is not disturbing to other patrons. Other devices can be used if those devices are not a major distraction.

Food and beverages: that patrons bring are allowed in any part of the library, including workrooms and classrooms. Patrons should dispose of all trash and help keep all areas clean for other patrons.

Destruction or Mutilation of Library Materials: no patron is allowed to deface any library materials, electronic resources, furnishings, equipment, or facilities including changing hardware or software settings on computers.

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