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Library Policies

When is the LPA available?

1. The LPA is available during regular Library hours in the Fall & Spring.

2. No events will be scheduled during Finals Week. 

3. If approved, your event will be added to our Library Classes & Events calendar. Look for a purple box like this:

Welcome to the Library Performance Area

Need to schedule a cultural event, poetry reading, musical performance, or department event? We'd love to host you!

Considerations for Use of Library Space

Library Space Events: Considerations for Use
If the event is outside the Library’s normal hours:

·      Has your team arranged for Campus Police to unlock the building?
·      Is a Library Team staff member going to be present to ensure that floor and elevator doors are unlocked for your attendees?
·      Has your team arranged for the building to be closed after the event by Campus Police or Campus Logistics?
For all events:
·     Has your team arranged to have the furniture moved for your event?     

·     If needed, has the space been requested to be marked as reserved for the event?
·      Do any supplies need secure storage?
·      Is there any special preparation required, e.g. for food or beverage service?
·      Has your team arranged for seating and table accommodations prior to the event?
·      Has your team tested any technology needed for broadcasting or recording the event?
        Please test your tech the week before an event to ensure smooth operation.
·      Is there any advertising needed to promote the event?
·      Any special considerations?

The Performance Area is constructed to host cultural events such as poetry readings, musical performances, one-act plays, and certain department events. Please note:

Any reconfiguration of tables and chairs outside of the Performance Area should be scheduled directly with Facilities.


Request Form info & instructions

The Library Performance Area (LPA) is located on the 4th floor of Moody Learning Center. If you have an event with more than 55 attendees, please speak to us first.

Steps to request the LPA space or group work side:

  1. Select a date.
    • You can only select one date at a time.
    • If your event spans multiple dates or repeats, you will need to repeat the process for each date.
  2. Select as many time slots as you need in order to cover the actual event plus setup and cleanup.
  3. You will receive an automatic reply via email to let you know that the LPA coordinator is reviewing your request.
  4. The coordinator will review and either approve or deny your request.
  5. The confirmation email contains a cancellation link for your event.
    • Please save these emails until after your event has occurred in case you need to cancel.
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