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Library Policies

Policies for the SAC Library

Group Work & Study Rooms

San Antonio College Library Group Study Rooms Policy and Guidelines (Adopted 11/09/09)

Group Work & Study Rooms

The Library has 18 group study rooms in Moody Learning Center on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. The rooms are located in MLC 200, MLC 308 and MLC 409. White boards and computers with internet and printing capabilities are available in these rooms. 

The minimum number of users for each room is two for the 2nd and 4th floors. Individuals may use the rooms on the 3rd floor. All group study rooms are first come, first served. No reservations needed or accepted. Each room has a maximum number of users.

Room Max. Users   Room Max. Users   Room Max. Users
MLC 200A   8-10   MLC 308B  8-10   MLC 409A  8-10
MLC 200B  6-8   MLC 308C  4-6   MLC 409B  4-6
MLC 200C  6-8   MLC 308D  4-6   MLC 409C  4-6
MLC 200D  6-8   MLC 308E  4-6   MLC 409C  4-6
MLC 200E  6-8   MLC 308F  6-8   MLC 409C  6-8
MLC 200F  8-10   MLC 308G  6-8   MLC 409C  6-8

Authorized Users

  • To check out a room, one person in the group must provide a current Alamo Colleges Banner ID number.

Checking Out a Room

  • Check out a 2nd floor study room at the Reference Desk (Moody Learning Center, 2nd floor, MLC 200)
  • Check out a 3rd floor study room at the Circulation Desk (Moody Learning Center, 3rd floor, MLC 308).
  • 3rd floor: An individual can check out a study room for a maximum of two hours.
  • The room can be renewed by any individual in the group at the end of the two hours only if there are two or more available study rooms on the same floor as the room being renewed and got 2nd and 4th floor rooms, only if two or more individuals of the original group remain to use the room. 
  • A minimum of two users must be present when checking out a room for the 2nd or 4th floor. An individual may not check out a room prior to the arrival of another member of the group.
  • When checking out a room, one member of the group must provide an Alamo Colleges Banner ID number. The person who checks out the room assumes responsibility for the room and may be fined for any damages.
Food and Drink
  • Food is allowed in the rooms.
  • Covered drinks are allowed.


  • Keep the noise level reasonable in a room so as to not disturb others in adjoining rooms or outside the room.
  • Keep the room clean.
  • Do not leave items unattended in a room. The Library is not responsible for unattended items.
  • Use only supplies provided by the library on white boards.
  • Return supplies to Service Desk upon leaving.
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