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Pedagogical Practices to Advance Equity | Dr. Claudia García-Louis: Readings

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Equity Advance & Resources

Dr. Claudia García-Louis is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Texas San Antonio.

Congratulations to Project MALES Affiliates Dr. Claudia García-Louis, Dr. Nydia Sánchez, and Dr. Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza for their Recent Achievements!

Three stellar partners

Congratulations to Dr. Claudia García-Louis (University of Texas at San Antonio), Dr. Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Dr. Nydia Sánchez (University of Texas at Austin) who recently recognized for their accomplishments.

Dr. Claudia García-Louis received the 2019 ACPA Emerging Scholars Award. This award supports, encourages, and honors early-career professionals that contribute to student affairs and higher education scholarship. Each ACPA recipient will receive a $3000.00 research grant.

Dr. Nydia Sánchez accepted her new faculty position at the University of San Diego. She will transition to San Diego, California as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies beginning in fall 2019.

Dr. Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza was recently promoted to Associate Professor. He is currently the Faculty Associate of the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS) at UNL and is the principal investigator of the Student Success Program Research Initiative.

Please join Project MALES in congratulating them for their new honors!

Maria del Refugio Ozuna, age 13, and Mrs. San Juan Gonzales, age 77, working at the Southern Pecan Shelling Company, Jan.17, 1938.| Photo courtesy of UTSA

Emma Tenayuca, "La Pasionaria de Texas" (Led the 1938 Pecan Sheller Strike in San Antonio)

Source Citation (MLA 8th Edition) "Dolores Huerta (center), wearing a sweater with the UFW symbol, encourages other workers to fight..." The Sixties in America Reference Library, edited by Sara Pendergast and Tom Pendergast, vol. 2: Biographies, UXL, 20

The federal Bracero program, which recruited 4.6 million Mexican citizens to work in agriculture in the United States.

"You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore," Cesar Chavez

"Sun Mad," first created in 1981 by Artista Ester Hernandez

Mas arte by Ester Hernandez

Celebrated author Tomas Rivera, whose works include: "y no se lo tragó la tierra" (...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him)

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Impact of Texas Voter ID Law

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