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Library Instruction: Outcomes & Assessment: Polling for Understanding

Student learning outcomes for information literacy.

Why Poll?

Polls allow you to quickly survey student understanding of a concept.

Let them show what they know, then address it in your teaching.

Results of Poll

The poll results are from the same group of students who had two library instruction classes, with a month in between each class.

1st class:

9 out of 20 students clearly do not understand a basic search concept: the more keywords you connect with AND, the fewer hits you get. Of the 11 students who do understand that basic search concept, only 6 understand that the * will pick up alternate endings of words which will yield more search results.

2nd class:

13 out of 14 students clearly remember practicing the basic search concept of Boolean AND. 3 of those 13 required more practice with the concept of truncation.


student understanding of Boolean AND, truncation - 1st class

student understanding of Boolean AND, truncation- 2nd class, 1 month later

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