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Library Policies

Child Development


Celita Avila      April 19, 2013



                To support the Early Childhood Studies curriculum and the Teacher Assistant Program.  Materials will be acquired to keep the collection current on new theories and techniques in  childhood education and child development from infancy to the school-age child (5-13).

Early Childhood Studies Curriculum: Early Childhood Development 0-3 years; Educating Young Children, Curriculum Resources for Young Children, Wellness of the Young Child, Infant and Toddler, The School Age Child,  Guiding Student Behavior; Family, School and Community; Early Childhood Education; Nutrition, Health and Safety; Child Guidance; Growth and Development; Literacy, Math & Science for Early Childhood; Creative Arts; Children with Special Needs; Educational Systems; Effective Learning Environments; Administration of Programs for Children and Teacher Assistant.


            Language:         English will be the primary language of the collection, unless there is a special request from a student or faculty for materials in another language, especially Spanish language material.

            Geography:       United States publications are emphasized.

Chronology:      Emphasis is placed on the purchase of materials published within the last five years, except in areas covering the history of early childhood education and child development.           


            All formats may be considered for purchase.  Serials are heavily relied upon for current material.  Reference works in early childhood education and child development, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and bibliographic sources will be purchased.  Current and practical activity-type materials, including those for special education, mild disorders, and bilingual learning, will be considered for preschool through high school. Textbooks providing background information will be considered.  Audiovisuals materials will be reviewed for selective additions.  DVDs are the preferred format over videotape.


            Materials will be identified through recommendations in or from:

            Faculty and student recommendations


            Library Journal


            Publishers Discoverys and flyers

Gryphon House

National association for the Education of Young Children

Redleaf Press

            Ref Z1035.1 .G89  Guide to reference books

            Ref Z1039.C65 B67  Books for college libraries

Retention Policy:

All materials will be considered for de-selection within five years of

publication.  All superseded editions will be removed from the shelves.

Only material containing historic value will be retained beyond the

 five year period.

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