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SAC Library Information Literacy Program: Impact Report

This report provides data and narrative on how our library contributes to student success through our information literacy programs.

Student Comments from Wrap Up form

"Learned new strategies on how to narrow my searches to find more relevant articles!"
"I learned not just for this class but for other class, if I need to write about something I can come to this new website."
"The instructor is really cool, informative, and to the point. Overall a great experience for the student."
"Loved this class today, helped a lot with this assignment. Absolutely using what I learned today at home."
"I've taken Ms. Avila's library class before and I enjoy her enthusiasm it always makes me excited about research."
"this was awesome I now know how to look for a peer reviewed article"
"All databases shown today were thoroughly explained and I feel like writing a paper can be so much easier now."
"very informative, learned how to efficiently search for topics and manage it quickly"
"The information learned has been extremely useful in projects required from other courses, thank you!"
"Sources are not to find the item, but rather to find something similar to have a better understanding of the art piece."
"I found three books on my subject!"
"Thanks for helping to find a better research engine then google. I know this will do better when researching things."
"I feel so much more confident about how to find accurate research."
"I wish I would have received this training when i started my degree two years ago."
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