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SAC Library Information Literacy Program: Impact Report

This report provides data and narrative on how our library contributes to student success through our information literacy programs.

Student Feedback on Book a Librarian

“I learned more in this one thirty minute session than I did on my own during the entire last semester.  I will absolutely be returning with further questions now that I am aware of how helpful and insightful these sessions are.”

“I was about to drop out of class feeling hopeless before getting this help.”

“The librarian helped me so much, not just to find specific articles but to explain the actual American Disability Act and how it came about, and how it’s a powerful law to help the deaf community improve their lives and fight for their rights.”

“The session was exceptional.  I had been working on a research topic for more than a week without success.  Now I have a topic and enough references to back it up and complete my research, thanks to the librarian.”

“The librarian was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the services listed in the SAC Library.  He made himself familiar with my topic prior to the meeting, which was awesome.  I fell 100% more confident in my ability to write my essay and will re-schedule with him before my final.”

"Before this I was stressed on how to use these things because I had no idea how, now I feel I have a good grasp on this. I liked that my tutor didn't do it for me but showed me how. Thank you!"

"Really appreciated Tom's enthusiasm to help. He said some things that triggered ways I know will help with my paper."

"I was finally able to understand my entire assignment. I can now start on it this weekend and can definitely foresee receiving an A + on it."

"I feel blessed that this program is offered on campus, it really helps my confidence in terms of this assignment."

"Very helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. was also a very calming experience, before coming in i was over analyzing things so i feel more at ease now"

Student email:

"Hello Ms. Briere,

I am Amy Rodriguez, I don’t know if you remember but a few weeks ago you helped me with my research for an essay for my Art History class. And I just want to let you know that thanks to you, I got an (A) grade on my essay, which I'm really happy about.

Once again, I appreciate your help!

We need more librarians like you!


Amy Rodriguez"

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