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SAC Library Information Literacy Program: Impact Report

This report provides data and narrative on how our library contributes to student success through our information literacy programs.

Faculty Feedback Survey of Library Instruction Classes

"When teaching a new class and/or creating a new assignment I always collaborate with my favorite librarian to learn if the SAC Library resources are a good fit for the research requirements."

"I schedule an instruction session because of the results.   There is a night and day difference in quality of research in my classes.  Without the instruction, I am staring at lightweight articles from Google, blogs, Wikipedia, and often no author!  With instruction, I am reading peer-reviewed articles that show some critical thinking along with the proper citations.  This helps prepare students for success in my class and in the four-year institution that many students aspire to."

"The librarian gives my students ample opportunities to conduct research for their essay, to ask questions and/or help, and to write their note cards.  This productive session is extremely beneficial to my students, for they leave the class feeling more confident about the assignment."

"I love the interaction of student collaboration and their learning research concepts and then applying the concepts through a practical application during the library instruction, it is truly amazing!"

From a Faculty email:

"Hi Celita

I want to first of all say Thank You for the Outstanding and Exemplary service you provide my students. This semester was no exception, Outstanding Library Instruction, Thank you.

I just had a student take the time to call and say THANKS. She said that as a military medic she enjoyed preparing,  and presenting her presentation, which validated why she has chosen a medical profession. All of my students benefit from this Library Learning lesson.

I had made an appointment for library instruction for me to redesign my course. I canceled due to Finals Week but will re-book later if needed. I already met with another librarian who guided me enough to know how to use the resources to begin to get ideas for course redesign. I will reschedule when I have more time.

Again, Many Thanks

Carolyn Miller"

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