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SAC Library Information Literacy Program: Impact Report

This report provides data and narrative on how our library contributes to student success through our information literacy programs.

Librarian Feedback on LI classes

Generally, San Antonio College librarians only have the opportunity to provide information literacy skills once per semester to any given class. This semester I met with an English 1301 class two times. The instructor solicited written feedback from her students regarding the two sessions. The majority of replies demonstrated that students benefited from meeting with a librarian more than once. Answers to the question: “How did today’s session compare with the last session?” included:

“Today’s session ran way more smoothly than last session. In this session I found it easier to search for my ideas to further determine the form I would be writing my essay. We used the same databases yet found lots more information.”

“I believe the second session we had with the librarian was much better. I have a much better understanding on how to use databases correctly and what types of key words would be most appropriate for my essay. I now feel much more confident in searching databases independently.

“Came in knowing what to do. Not as stressing as the first time.”

“Today’s session was a lot better. I understood more and I knew what to do. The first time it was a lot of information and I was confused.”

These comments reinforce the idea that students need repeated exposure to information literacy instruction, librarians and the Library. Repeat contacts help reduce student stress regarding research and instill confidence in students that they are indeed able to perform the research needed for their classes.

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